Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Busy Summer

Marty and Dido are doing great....they are a joy.  Not to say it has not been difficult... It  has. But we have turned the corner... The "time out"  chairs are in full use and the boys are slowly " getting it"

The summer has been quite hectic and a lot of fun.  I have a ton of pics to post.  But probably won't have time til next week..

Jake and the newbies have summer school one more week.. Tuesday, Wendesday, and Thursday  8 til noon... Other than that it has been playtime, pool time and laid back together time

2 weeks of vacation, then back to school. We wanted to to a Florida trip this summer , but Deyan's busted leg killed that. He is all better, but the other boys start school a week early.  Maybe a local lake trip???

We celebrated here, but did not post. It has been one year since we met the boys... What a transformative year.  More on that as well

Sorry for the typos.  I'm on a first gen iPad tonight and the screen does not want to work

More  soon


Sorry for typos. This post is from a first generation iPad tat as a fi