Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Dido Birthday!

A wonderful birthday today for Deyan. A joyful day for us and him. 

I can't help but think back on that day 7 years ago when his parents' hopes and dreams were dashed. What were they told? "He will never smile, nor walk. He is not suitable to be in a family". How hard that must have been to have 9 months of dreams smashed by one doctor. A lifetime of 'could have been's' lost in an instant. Iknow. We were there with Matthew Stolz. Had it been a decade earlier we would have been told the same.

To Deyan's birth parents wherever you are. Please know you have a charming, bright wonderful little boy. His soul shines brighter than any I have ever met. You did well. Thanks to the amazing staff at Faith, Hope And Love Orphanage in Burgas for keeping him alive until we could get him. And thanks to baby Jordan for leading us to Deyan Emmanuel.. For God is indeed with us.