Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flights Are Booked!

We are all set with flights--

We leave midday on December 6th and fly from here to Atlanta to Rome to Sofia- the return is early the morning of the 17th with the same connections. We should be home by 9pm--YAY!

I always like to book stuff myself, but I could not get us all on the same return-- We had a travel agent work on the fare and came up with an INCREDIBLE deal on Lufthansa-United (with a connect in my favorite --Munich)-- but we chose to do SkyTeam-- I'm a mile pig and for the extra dough I will actually get enough miles for a free international trip PLUS we have membership in the airport lounge with them--- (might come in handy during a 3 hour layover)--

I am really surprised (and thrilled) that we are leaving earlier than expected. The kids will still be in school the week we are gone and that will make things much easier back here on the home front.

Not much to add right now. So much to get done in so little time---- And that thrills me!

More as we get closer to leaving---

Only 10 more days! We are coming fellas!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a rough night for Jake--up at 3-- Mary had him til 5--- usually he will cuddle with me for an hour or so, but not this AM--- he wanted to start his day --NOW!!

We came down and got settled in--checked email on my phone and YAY!!!! Travel Dates!

We leave for Bulgaria on Tuesday December 6--- return on the 17th! SWEET news.

Mary will stay behind with Matt, Joey and Jake--- I will travel with my daughter Marie and son James. I tried to book airfare today, but did not feel good about locking in our round trips and booking the boys after---what if the flights sell out before I can get them booked? Or if fares go crazy because we just got the 3 remaining seats in that fare class.

Nope--- I want a human to help with this one--- Delta was too busy today with the holiday noise. I put out feelers to a couple of travel agents-- hoping someone was actually working the holiday.. wrong!

One way or the other I will get it nailed down tomorrow---

Soooooooo here is how it looks--

Leave Tuesday 12/6
Arrive Sofia Weds 12/7 late afternoon
Sleep at Budapest
Up early on 12/8 and drive to Burgas for Deyan---arrive late afternoon (too late to get him)
Overnight at the AQUA in Burgas on 12/8
Friday 12/9 up early and snatch Deyan (YAY!!!) Drive back to Sofia-- arrive early evening
Settle in to Hotel Budapest for the next week
Chill over the weekend with Me, Marie, James and Deyan-- Play, chat, stroll if the wx is good)
Church on Sunday (found a Catholic Church with Latin and English Masses)
Monday 12/12-- Marie and James Stay with Deyan in Sofia. I get up and out early to get Martin in Blagoevgrad. They take a taxi and meet us at the passport office back in Sofia early afternoon--

The rest of the week is medicals, embassy interview and getting to know each other.

So excited to go--- yet bummed that Mary won't be with...

We should arrive home early evening on Saturday 12/17

Very Thankful--- indeed



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Word Today

Today is the 8th day since court---- hopefully no snags, just time zone communication issues.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will include a speedy travel date to our "Thankful" list!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Still Waiting on Travel Date

We have locked in an apartment--- very nice-- 2 Bedrooms, tub, shower right in the center for about $60 USD/night..

Now we just wait for word regarding when we travel----- Hopefully within 48hours we "know it all"!

We are almost there fellas!



PS -- we have been working quite hard on our Bulgarian-- I found some nice folks that put together a good CD crash course for adoptive parents---- check it out at:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Boys Are Ours!

Wooo Hooo!

The news got to us at 6:19am our time. Court went fine and the adoptions are final!

Introducing Deyan Emmanuel Stolz


Christopher Martin Stolz

We will find out our travel dates by next Wednesday-- (there is a mandatory 7 day wait). We are really hoping that it might be possible to leave December 7--- We will keep updating

Monday, November 14, 2011

5 hours--- and counting until court

Court is a few short hours away----

Jesus in heaven with my dear beloved baby Jordan-- please intercede to bring our little boys home as soon as possible


Love Papa

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life Goes On

What a great day today--- Up early to Church (thanks to my wonderful wife for letting me get an extra couple of hours of sleep after being up with Jake for 2 hours during the night)-- The ritual Mickey D breakfast on the way home. Clean for our football party, a bit of work-work, and to the store for a couple of things.

My Bengals lost, but played a good game and continue to perform above expectations for the season

Yummy Schweinebraten and roasted veggies for dinner with marie, sean and duece the dog-- Now making some homemade ice cream for the kids for a Sunday Treat!

My thoughts continue to race back to Deyan and Martin. Gosh I miss you guys.....

Praying for a good outcome and speedy paperwork from Tuesday's court appearance!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are We There Yet?

I'm sorry it has been so long since the last update--

The answer is that we ARE almost there!

Our court date is less than a week away. So.... When will we travel to get the boys? Our CRAZY happy thought is that we can travel on November 30. I know that is almost impossible. We are praying that the need to get Deyan home might just nudge the system to move quickly.

A reasonable optimistic guess might be the following week 12/7--- More and more --- I am thinking we will travel on December 14--- God's Will be done, but if we travel that  week will we will likely  spend Christmas in Europe--- Travel out of BG to the US is just about sold out on Christmas Eve---

I can get us to Paris, Rome, or Amsterdam-- but the leg to the US is either sold out or crazy expensive--

Not to jump the gun, but we are looking to see if Christmas Eve is better in Roma, Paris or Holland--- I'm picking Paris.

Have any of you spent the holidays in any of our cities? We need easy--- but if we are "stuck" for Christmas Eve we would like to create a memorable event. Any thoughts?