Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a rough night for Jake--up at 3-- Mary had him til 5--- usually he will cuddle with me for an hour or so, but not this AM--- he wanted to start his day --NOW!!

We came down and got settled in--checked email on my phone and YAY!!!! Travel Dates!

We leave for Bulgaria on Tuesday December 6--- return on the 17th! SWEET news.

Mary will stay behind with Matt, Joey and Jake--- I will travel with my daughter Marie and son James. I tried to book airfare today, but did not feel good about locking in our round trips and booking the boys after---what if the flights sell out before I can get them booked? Or if fares go crazy because we just got the 3 remaining seats in that fare class.

Nope--- I want a human to help with this one--- Delta was too busy today with the holiday noise. I put out feelers to a couple of travel agents-- hoping someone was actually working the holiday.. wrong!

One way or the other I will get it nailed down tomorrow---

Soooooooo here is how it looks--

Leave Tuesday 12/6
Arrive Sofia Weds 12/7 late afternoon
Sleep at Budapest
Up early on 12/8 and drive to Burgas for Deyan---arrive late afternoon (too late to get him)
Overnight at the AQUA in Burgas on 12/8
Friday 12/9 up early and snatch Deyan (YAY!!!) Drive back to Sofia-- arrive early evening
Settle in to Hotel Budapest for the next week
Chill over the weekend with Me, Marie, James and Deyan-- Play, chat, stroll if the wx is good)
Church on Sunday (found a Catholic Church with Latin and English Masses)
Monday 12/12-- Marie and James Stay with Deyan in Sofia. I get up and out early to get Martin in Blagoevgrad. They take a taxi and meet us at the passport office back in Sofia early afternoon--

The rest of the week is medicals, embassy interview and getting to know each other.

So excited to go--- yet bummed that Mary won't be with...

We should arrive home early evening on Saturday 12/17

Very Thankful--- indeed



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