Monday, January 30, 2012

9pm and All is Well

Kudos to Jake! he has slept all night for 3 of the past 5 nights!!

we have no current illness in the house---just cuteness!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Just a very quick update!

Deyan is home from the hospital and is going great ---other than the CRUD--

Seems we all have strep--- FUN!

Poor Marty was first and it is travelling through the troops---

Both boys are growing and getting more comfortable with us---and us with them. Hopefully we will make some major progress when the antibiotics kick in--- Kudos and apologies to Marie--- she smelled the strep on Martin last week--- he has always had "elephant breath" so I disregarded it (I am usually the strep smell-er) Marie was right and we could have avoided a week of whining,discomfort, and tears had I listened --boo me!

Mary and I are both very lucky to work from home--- but it has meant some juggling and LOTS of help from the other kids the past few days!=== THANKS!

Our routine is getting pretty settled

Up at 7ish

I make breakfast. Marie, Mary, and James get the boys up and rolling--

Breakfast, Curious George, and bus for the "big kids".

Mom then works and James and I take the little guys for Martin's beloved daily car ride--- (usually a ride to nowhere---as long as nowhere has plenty of trucks to watch)

back for late Am snack---swap off and Mary has boys and I head to the studio for work---

Lunch--- an attempt at naps (HA!!--Righto) and the other kids are home--

Smoothie with my new fave-- homemade yogurt--- a bit of chill/tv time

Dinner--- playing---- WHEEL and Jeopardy


A bit of grown-up time and usually by 10p bed time for us---

Yikes----I'm a half hour late after getting caught up on Storage Wars on the DVR!

More soon!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Martin WHO??

I feel so neglectful for not writing more about Marty--- He has made such great progress--from no eye contact and wanting to sit in the corner, to fighting over papa lap space--even willing to duel with Jake over the chance!

He is making really good eye contact and has become quite the cuddle buddy (after fighting it for the past month)-he Loves playing "head, shoulders, knees.."

Marty Moose is still VERY shy--- when going for a "high five" he cowers like he has been struck-- but every day he opens himself up to us a bit more... he wants to belong here and that is a true blessing! CHEERS MOOSE!

On a more somber note---Deyan is back in the the hospital-- he had multiple seizures over an hour earlier today---the episodes are not dramatic, but you see his tiny body get rigid and his eyes lose focus--

The good news is after Mary and Deyan got to the hospital he was fine and up and practicing his walking-- Oh Ding Ding!

They will run tests on him tonight and tomorrow--

Gotta get to bed---we are short handed here at the homestead--jake will be up in an hour or so!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Deyan's First Steps!

One month home and Deyan celebrated by taking his first steps today!

Martin was so excited by it all that he decided to walk back and forth too--- cute!

Deyan started standing on his own yesterday and you could see he was working out this walking thing in his head-- today--- BAM "I think I'll walk". By the end of the day he was making it about 6 feet without help!

GO HEAVY D! Welcome little Biped!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Deyan!

...or Ding Ding as Matt calls him--

6 years old today and he has turned into a fireball! He still loves to cuddle sometimes, but better nutrition has been quite good to him. He has chubby cheeks, a bit of meat on his arms and legs and a TON of new-found energy. He loves to run back and forth in the living room (still holding a hand) He is quick (very quick) to scoot to freedom if the gate is left open and LOVES to motor himself about on his riding toy--

The same kid?

The Birthday crew!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coming Soon...

I have had a bunch of folks ask for an updated Bulgaria 101 from our second trip.

Look for it later this week!

It has been a great weekend--- though Martin has had a nasty cold and Deyan has decided that his new world is too exciting to risk missing something by something as silly as sleep---

More soon!

thanks for following


Friday, January 6, 2012

Ahhh The Boys

It has been a great 3 weeks at home!

Laughing nearly every minute---YES!

The boys are a HOOT and too dang cute

Not sure about Jakie's foot, but Martin and Deyan holding hands on their own is priceless---perhaps sizing up the competition for a future ambush!

While I was downstairs working today, Mary and James had the boys outside---Clearly Deyan has done this before:

He is so in there-- what a smart little boy!

As Marty gets more comfy with us he is really starting to blossom too--- Martin is about where we expected--- Deyan is WAY beyond what we thought. It is fun to watch his thought process.. he loves to get reaction from adults--positive and not--- last night he started giggling about a minute before he lunged for me to take a nice BITE out of my shoulder--- you could see the motor planning and excitement about the anticipated outcome as he worked it out in his head--- VERY cute! (yet somewhat painful)--

What a great pair of little boys!

More soon

love Papa

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Docs today---

Both boys are doing well--- Deyan has a nasty ear infection-- they pulled a boulder from his ear--

Both kids are growing great!

By my math:

Deyan is up nearly  4 lbs in 2 weeks almost 20%of his body weight
Martin is up 5 lbs--- about 13% from when we got him--

Neither of them look fat--- Deyan finally has some cheeks that we can see-and some baby rolls on his legs

Martin just looks more moose-like!

We are being really careful not to overfeed-- but getting nutrients into theses boys is priority one!

More soon!