Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Been WAY to long..

I'm sorry for the delay in updates---as we approach one year with Deyan and Marty, it has really been The Tale of two Cities---

Both boys are amazing--- healthy and growing like crazy.

Deyan who was viewed as  a "lost cause" at his orphanage is now walking (for the 3rd time after 2 broken legs)---actually he is RUNNING. He is signing and speaking a few words. For a child that did not even smile in the orphanage, he is always laughing, teasing and having fun. I have never seen a child so full of life as he is!--- Every time I lookinto his eyes I remember Jordan--- his little brother that did not make it--- Jordan is the reason that Deyan has had a chance at life---thank you my sweetness-- you accomplished such great things. we miss you

here is Deyan--- or Dido or Cheeto (or fido on spell check)

Little Marty Moose is a bit of another story

He is self abusive.... frustrating for such a smart little boy. His orphanage was not as caring as Deyan's and it really shows. It seems as though he was at least hit (if not abused) --- he is so hand shy.

Marty loves to sit on my lap and play hand games (itsy, bitsy spider....)---he signs and is trying to say some words.  He is a great eater and is the only one of the newbies on solids. He is a very sweet, loving boy---Marty loves to give kisses and hugs---loves being held and sung to--- just insists on beating the crap out of himself if we are not there to check his hands--

It breaks my heart, as he is probably one of the brightest of our little guys--- what happened to him to cause him to seek pleasure by inflicting pain?  so sad--- I love my moose (our nickname for him)