Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

It has been 24 1/2 hours since we woke up for our flight home--whew!

We had tight connections, but an uneventful return trip home--- Sofia-Amsterdam-Minneapolis-Dayton-Drive to Cincy--

Special Thanks to Marie and Emily for holding down the fort keeping sanity here at home. The boys look happy, healthy and is Jakie really almost potty trained??? YAY!--

The boys all look so big after 2 weeks with Screech and Derrik!

Also special "thanks" to Delta for AGAIN losing our luggage--- Actually the last 3 international trips on Delta they have lost/mishandled our bags. I never used to check bags, but with my "bum back" and fuller flights, I almost always check on the way home---where the damage from lost or delayed bags in minimal.

Actually a moment on Delta--- They used to be my favorite carrier. Southern hospitality, but quite efficient service and great routes and fares. Since the Northwest merger they are a nightmare! Snotty gate agents... Flight crews that want to be anywhere but on the plane, lost luggage, inept ticketing folks, and endless delays on the phone reservation system (and I miss those signature hard Delta landings--- I love flying with Navy carrier pilots) Perhaps it is time to take my million miles and go someplace else--- or are they all this bad??

I owe you a general post on Bulgaria---- Tips and tricks for those who are headed that way for adoptions or just fun time travel Like "Вход" ---is sign in on your google account- I'll try to get that this week. Also and update on our paperwork. Then we settle in for the "wait". I pray it will be short

I am so happy to be home and yet so sad that our family is separated by all this distance-- Hang tight, guys-- we are coming back for you!



Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Last Day with Screech

Up early this morning and down to breakfast--hemenecks (Bulgarian for Ham and Eggs), toast and tea.

All packed and into the car for one final visit with Martin.

The caretakers brought him down and we were anxious to see him--- the telltale clunk of the elevator and him making his cute noises as he walks out to meet us---except today he ran up to me as soon as he saw me--it was very sweet.

We walked down to the playground to watch the "Big Dig"--- the other kids were down there too. Martin did not seem to want to be around them and he was much clingier than usual. After a while with the other kids, we decided he might do better if we went to the little playground --yes he did. He was in a great mood--giggling and smiling non-stop.---- KaBOOOM- Thunderstorm... big heavy rain. We played under the balcony for 30 minutes or so until the caretaker appeared to take him in. She was 10 minutes early and we did not have as long to say good-bye as we expected-- but that was probably better to keep us from being blubbering fools!

A sad goodbye. Martin came back over to us as we were turning to leave-- he has never done that before. I will miss you little guy. We will hurry back--promise!

A quiet car ride back to Sofia. One stop to drop off Toni's aunt at her summer home-- a beautiful location in the mountains-- fruit trees everywhere. I could live like that!

We got to the hotel around 2pm and Mary and I headed out to explore the city a bit-- Lunch at Happy Grill
A walk down the pedestrian zone and through the park then to Starbucks (we got it Marie) and back to the hotel--- 8km and I'm tired

4am wake up call tomorrow, plane at 7. TIGHT connections in Amsterdam and Minneapolis-- If all goes well back home with the kids tomorrow evening.

Pictures and Video from our last day follow---



Thursday, July 28, 2011

A HOT Thursday in Bulgaria With a Cool Kid!

For more detailed Adoption "stuff" be sure to visit Mary's blog at

Okay---first these Pics--

Videos at the end of the post!

With only one more visit, I am struck with the difference in how I feel about leaving Screech vs leaving Dido-

I am very sad about leaving little Martin here, but I know he will be okay until we get back. He is a tough, independent little guy. With Dido, I really worry not only about him being lonely but about him surviving until we return. He is so tiny and so helpless--- I really hope USCIS and MOJ will agree to expedite-

Today was a "working day" at the construction pit behind the orphanage and Martin LOVED it! Heavy earth moving equipment, huge dump trucks-- and some some reason a Gypsy family and their horse and buggy mining rebar... Screech LOVED it-- Noise, movement, big scoops of dirt and rocks--- little boy heaven!

It was amusing that he wanted only me to be his building buddy--- Mom is cool for lotion, massage and ball play, but only papa will work for the hard work of watching (or supervising) the Big Dig!

One surprise today-- -the little guy does NOT like horses. We tried to take him over to visit with the Gypsy horse and he squawked every time we even moved in that direction--okay--- Big Machines? Da! Little Horse  ? Nay! (so to speak)

Mary got to feed the little dude today--- he did NOT like his cold cold cucumber and yogurt soup (I agree). He did like his porridge and fruit compote. He is on soft but not pureed foods. He does not show any interest in feeding him self (Dido DOES). Scrapes the spoon with his teeth not with his lips.

Non adoption stuff for the day:

Huge thanks to Rob and the guys at PC Ops for letting me continue to work from here--- It has been wonderful.

We stopped at Kaufland today for a few last minute supplies and got a great German Style Semmel Wurst mit Senf. Did some work, then spent half hour or so at the pool--- it was near 100 degrees today and the water felt great. We are now sitting poolside with really bad Bulgarian Pop blaring from the pool bar speakers catching up on emails and blogging!

Tomorrow will be a very sad and busy day-

Breakfast, pack, checkout, one last visit with little Martin (sad), drive to Sofia (with a stopover to drop off Toni's aunt at her country home) and check into the hotel before our VERY early flight home Saturday morning.

We should be able to update from the hotel in Sofia about this time tomorrow-

Until Then--- 



PS---yes here are the videos!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Only 3 more visits :-(

We had two wonderful visits with Screech today.

We were sad to see he had some more SIB injuries today-- a fat lip and sores on his hand. He seems so happy when he is with us--we have seen him try to strike himself, but is very easily redirected. I am hopeful (and somewhat confident) that this is not going to be a big deal when we get home.

The trip here is so quick that there is no time to settle into the "Groundhog Day" feeling that is so typical with our other adoptions. Every day and every visit is fresh and holds something new. But we ARE trying to get into a routine--

We pick him up at the front door of the orphanage, carry him down to the play area. We walk holding both our hands over to the slide and climb up and down-- stroll for a bit. Lotion up (becoming his favorite part of the visit) and roll the nubby ball over his arms and legs..

We sing songs and play games until about the last 30 minutes then turn on the MP3 player for some tunes.

He LOVES "Boy stuff"-- Cars, trucks, bugs, tools and noise!

In the morning be loved watching the "scrappers" smash up concrete behind the play-yard to "recycle" the rebar, then pile it into their horse drawn wagon and head to the junkyard.

In the afternoon, I thought it might be fun to pluck the seed pods (cigars) off the Catalpa tree in the play-yard (just like I did when I was a kid)-- HOMERUN! He loved it--- laughed the entire time (probably because it is forbidden with the care-takers) At first, he wanted to hit himself with them. Mary showed him how to touch himself lightly and he spent nearly 40 minutes pulling the pods from the tree, laughing then tickling himself and us with the cigars--see the video.

Between visits we had a nice lunch in the room and spent a bit of time by the pool at the hotel--- It was hot today--- 93--- tomorrow close to 100--

We are both feeling sad about having to leave Screech, but are more comfortable that he will be okay until we return. We still worry alot about Derrik--- he is so tiny and really needs to get to the US FAST-- hopefully Toni and the MOJ will move this along here and we can get the USCIS folks to understand the urgency too. I'm not sure he can wait until November.

As sad as we are about leaving the boys we are excited about getting home to everyone-- the girls have done an awesome job holding down the fort.

3 visits left. 3 Days until we are home--

More tomorrow,


You can see more videos on my  youtube channel

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Had a Great Afternoon Meeting Today

Screech was excited to see us when we arrived this afternoon--- apparently he knew something special was coming when the caretakers dressed him in the new clothes that we brought.

The workers told us that he understands everything that is being little man

So---today we:

  • looked at the little kittens being fed tiny fish by the kitchen staff
  • walked up and down the steps--alot
  • went up and down the slide steps--- but rarely went down the slide
  • climbed onto and over the gazebo seats
  • played iPad Piano
  • listened to music
  • tickled --alot--- laughed heartily
  • calmed down when rubbed with lotion
  • loved the big "nubby ball" rolled all over arms and legs
  • threw a fit when mom would not let screech walk up the slide ladder 2 steps at a time (actually refused to climb any more--just walked back down)
  • thew a bigger fit coming in from the rain and waiting in the lobby to go back to the groupa
The photo slide show in the previous post has been updated with the afternoon pictures--

Here is the one video from this afternoon




Day 2 with Screech

Our morning visit went very well---- They told us that screech likes music so I pulled out the MP3 player and between listening to the music and watching his reflection on the screen it was great fun!

More to update later, but for now the photos and videos can do the talking!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Afternoon Visit with Screech (Christopher Martin??)

This afternoon went much better!

Despite an afternoon thunderstorm, we were able to go outside with Screech for most of the visit. The "playground" is somewhat dim and dank but he loved it! Up and down the steps--- then up and down a half dozen more times--- when that got old he wanted to go up and down sideways!-- There was a slide-- when the sun was out it was forbidden to go there ( we promised to keep him out of the sun)-- but during the cloudy times he loved to climb up--- he quickly learned that after 1-2-3 you GO!--- He likes climbing back down the ladder almost as much as sliding down. He warmed up a lot more this visit-- I'm anxious to see what tomorrow holds!

More pics and video follow---



First Visit with Screech

Feisty and independent--Hello Screech!

He likes to be picked up and put down. He gives hugs--- then wants down--- he really wanted us to take him outside during our visit--- but we were stuck in a small "cell" this time.

The doctor warned us that he had a "scratch" on his face--- more like a gash-- We saw some slight SIB during our visit, but he was easily redirected.

A very determined young man- He interacted well with us and let his wishes be known. He really seems to want to talk.

We played beach ball (throw, catch kick and bat)--- and played the "Climbing Game"---see video. When we got bored with climbing forward, he decided it would be fun to try it backward--- and was successful!

We came back from our visit and had the crew drop us off at Kauffland (think Super Wal-Mart). We got supplies for lunches--hard rolls, ham, salami, cheese, President Butter (the best ever), a bunch of fruit and (Finally) another adapter so both laptops can be plugged in at the same time. A quick cab ride back to the hotel and I got some work done---we ate lunch and now it's almost time to head back out--

Here come the videos--

More later today!


A Look Back at the Weekend

It has been a whirlwind since we left Dido on Friday---

Our Train to Shumen

A visit to the 2 main sites--Shumen Fortress

and the monument to 1300 years of Bulgaria

Strolled through town and ate an ear of corn

Did NOT eat Monkey Nuts

Arrived in Blago and had a wonderful dinner at a local tavern called the Watermill with our adoption team and our new friends from the American University of Bulgaria.

In just a bit more than 2 hours we get to meet Screech! CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Up early and ready to go

I just got Blogger for my Android so I'm not sure what this will look like. We are at the station in Shumen waiting for our train to Sofia. Then we meet with our team and drive to Blago. I can't wait to see Screech tomorrow morning!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Hard Goodbye

Oh little Dido--

We had a great last visit--We spent some time in the director's office when we arrived.  There was a paper that our facilitator needed to say we had been visiting every day-- they asked if we wanted to see Derrik again today---Ummmmm YES (they actually seemed a little surprised--) they brought him in and he reached his arms right out to me.

Before the visit, we stopped at the store (a smallish baby store on the way to the orphanage) and bought 100 tubs of a pudding like nutritional supplement. At the orphanage, they have agreed to give him one everyday until we return.-- The folks at the store thought we were nuts-- no Bulgarian from us-- no English from them-- finally they called a friend who spoke a bit of English to make sure we REALLY wanted 100 packs of pudding--- YES-- we do! 400 calories per tub and Dido needs every last one!

Our facilitation team left heading back to Sofia after we got all the paperwork completed--- we stayed with Derrik until the last possible second, we did the walk and walk around the grounds--- Some swing time, then up to the meeting room to feed him lunch--- by about 12:10---40 minutes past our meeting time was supposed to end-- we could put it off no longer. Bye Bye little Dido--- we will be back as soon as we can---

Earlier we asked our facilitator to tell Derrik what was going to happen..."Mama and Papa love you, but they can't take you home right now--- they will need to leave you for a little while but they will come back to get you and rub your tiny legs and arms and give you hugs and be with you forever."  I'm sure our facilitator thought she was just humoring us-- but I really think that Dido understood on some level. While he was getting the news he buried his head harder than he ever has into my chest and seemed quite sad.

After our meeting we grabbed a cab to the train station for the trip to Shumen. ---- 2 hours to kill---- let's go to the beach!  Mary did not want sand_ I did, so we had to find a beach cafe for her so I could take one last plunge in the warm waters of the Black Sea. -- a 2 km walk and we are there! Ahhh salad, coke/fanta mix and the beach! About an hour there and up to get a cab back to the station (feet too tired to walk again) We got a nice guy who used to be a mate of a commercial fishing ship driving the cab--- he gave us literature (in Russian) about his house on the beach that he rents out--- and gave us travel tips for Shumen-- You hear a lot about the scamming cab drivers in Bulgaria. This guys was a prince. Our cab was 3.40 leva and I was just going to round up to 5. He refused and said 4 was enough--- My cynical self melted.

We had a nice 3 1/2 hour train ride to Shumen. Thanks to Andre, our driver/guide/IT guru at Hotel Shumen for getting us settled in with great WiFi. We took a stroll to get some Beer and Pop and came back to enjoy the best meal we have had thus far in Bulgaria-- I had Grilled Veggies and Pork Kabobs. Mary had a Chicken in cream sauce type dish

tomorrow we will stop for flowers and hunt for Jordan's grave---

I'll update when I can


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 4 with little Dido--

---we only have one more meeting before we must go.

Pictures and videos follow----- HA—so you must read (or scroll)!

It was another beautiful day on the sea in Burgas, Bulgaria. There was a threat of rain and it was dark at times, but we never got a drop. The daytime high has been into the 90s, but today was only in the low 80s with a nice breeze from the east.

Up early to get some work done before breakfast. Down to breakfast (scrambled eggs, Bulgarian bacon, toast, fruit and water (beware the orange stuff posing as juice—it is really some artificially flavored and nutrasweet sweetened fruit-like drink – stay away!)

For the past couple of days, Derrik (or Dido or Didi as they call him) has wanted only me in the mornings. Hugs, songs and being carried around the grounds outside--- he looks and flirts with mom but does not want to go to her (exact opposite in the afternoon). It is had to believe how fast these visit go by. After 90 minutes we take him up to the meeting room where they have left his lunch for us to feed him. Some sort of meat porridge—yum. Some soup with bread in it—yummier, some broth (maybe fish)—no thanks.
He LOVES to eat, but has trouble with texture and with thin stuff--

During our midday break we came back to the hotel to do some more work and then went out hunting for some meal supplements to leave with Derrik. Found em—400 calories, lots of protein, vitamins and minerals--  We will buy one for each day until our best guess for a return. We grabbed a good lunch at a pizza place (shepherd salad,  and fungi and ham pizza). Back to the hotel for the ride to see little Dido!

I LOVE all of our time with the little guy, but afternoons are even more special. We have a huge playroom with mats, mirrors and a huge ball pit (and it has AC!) He usually has just woken up from his nap and is in the super-cute groggy state. He prefers Mary during these visits, but still lets me get close and play with him. Hard to believe but the 90 minutes passed in a flash. He ate his hi-cal snack (loved it) and got his feet and arms lubed and rubbed.(loved it). Only one more vist L

We headed back to the beach and “our restaurant” for dinner. Toni, Marty and Toni’s aunt have been getting plates of small fishes every night (heads and tails attached—just pop em in like a cocktail weenie, head and all). I finally got up the nerve to try one tonight--- after a couple of my new fave beers (Shumensko). You know what--- the little buggers are not too bad. Not sure I’d want a whole plate but I’m glad I ate like a local (for just a minute).

Tomorrow we are up at 8. Breakfast at 9, to the store to buy the supplement for Derrik then to the orphanage “Faith, Hope and Love” for one last visit with our tiny angel.

We will send most of the luggage back to Sofia with Toni and we will cab to the station to catch our 3pm train to Shumen.  We will be there until Sunday morning.

Our main mission in Shumen  is to visit our lost little guy’s grave site. Toni has arranged for a driver to help us find his body’s final resting place.  It is very hard to put my feelings into words. I still miss Jordan so much, I tear up still when I think of him and what should have been with us all together--Yet I am in amazement that he led us to Derrik. Upon his adoption Didowill be given the middle name Emmanuel ---God is indeed with us.

Rest in peace, Jordan—be calm until we can return for you, Dido Emmanuel.



now the photos:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Photos and Video

Not a lot of stills today--- a Pic of our Mc Lunch including shrimp and beer (hey we are on the sea) Plus a visit to the Burgas Mall and some MUCH needed iced tea from Starbucks..

Thanks for reading!


Day 3 with DiDi!

His caretakers call him DeeDee or DeeDo. Every day we see he is more of a character-- He has very specific likes and dislikes-- do NOT touch his back, DO tickle him and touch lightly all over UNLESS he moves your hand away. Do make kissing noises near his mouth and expect a slobbery kiss--- do NOT be shocked if you get a bit of his lunch with it.

He loves to walk (with both hands being held) He loves to scoot on his bum around the playroom (still have not been able to get video of that)

He loves his ball--do NOT try to take it away

He HATES being poked by the doctor---BIG tears

He is so sweet and just wants to be with us, to be held, and to be loved--

What a beautiful little gift from God---

The Web is being really slow tonight here--- I will continue to try to get the videos and more pick up this evening



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Picture Man Can!

Please be sure to visit Mary's Blog HERE for a blow by blow of how things are going---

It is still hard to get over how tiny Derrik is--- 5 1/2 and he wears size 9 months.  He showed a bit more of his personalty today-- he has strong likes and dislikes and is not at all shy about letting us know that he does NOT like his back touched!

It is going to be unbelievably hard to leave him on Friday--- I do not want to think about it until then---


My job (since we only have one internet connection and very limited time to post) is to upload Pics and Video

so here you go!

Monday, July 18, 2011

What a wonderful day!

He is sooooooo tiny. Little Derrik is, well--um Little.

First the pictures from today---well okay first a snack from the McKiosk at the airport where they delivered our luggage--

We met in the directors' office and after a few minutes we were actually surprised that they brought the little guy right in.

He came to me when I held out my arms--- another surprise. He was pretty shy without a lot of eye contact at first. He wanted to play the clapping game that he plays with the workers with me. We did--- he liked it.

Mary got him and we moved into the playroom where we discovered his love for the light-up "spiky ball"--

Play, cuddle, MUCH better eye contact as the meeting progressed.

We went for a short walk outside and it was time to go.

We went to the beach during our break and back for another WAAAAY to fast visit in the afternoon.

I will post more video later---- but here is a quick snippet

Quick AM update

Our bags are here!

We had an early wakeup call and great breakfast--- got to the airport to get our bags-- no delay--- no drama.

Back in the room now for showers and in about 35 minutes we are off to see Derrik--

And for fun---the Black Sea

Sunday, July 17, 2011

great news!

They found our bags--- of course being "EE Airlines", they will not deliver them to us--- They will arrive from the capital to our seaside town tonight at 11pm-- we have to pick them up tomorrow early AM at the airport.

at least we will have clean duds and the toys we brought to share with Derrik and Screech

I'm so excited for tomorrow... we had a wonderful evening strolling along the sea and eating a great dinner (we opted out of the tiny little fishes with heads) right on the beach (photos as soon as we get the luggage and the usb cords)--- But as great as this evening was it was a small distraction for the real reason we are here is to meet our new kids for the first time.

We will get up tomorrow at 6:30, shower and put on 3+ day old stinky clothes--- to the lobby for breakfast, then to the airport to get the bags-- Hopefully we will have time to come back to the room and shower again and get on clean stuff to go to the orphanage.

We get to meet Derrik for the first time tomorrow at 10am-- we will have about 90 minutes with him at 10 and again at 4 M-th-- only one meeting on Friday.

So hopefully tomorrow we will have lots of stories and pictures to share

til then,


Saturday, July 16, 2011

we made it to EE----

our bags....not so much.

I almost never check bags--- keyword is almost. We just had 2 laptop bags and 2 carryon sized rollerboards--- but decided to check the rollers (we are getting old and hauling them through CDG did not sound like much fun)

Should have---

Our flight out of Dayton to Minneapolis was delayed and we were going to miss connections. Great work on Delta's part, by the time we hit the gate they had us rerouted to ATL and on our original flight out of CDG to EE. Bad work by the most inept (yet quite nice) delta gate dude I have ever seen.  He got us our boarding passes (barely in time for the flight---over 20 minutes) bags--- guess not.

The latest is that our bags (if they can locate them) we be delivered to the airport in Derrik's city on the Black Sea either late tomorrow or sometime Monday--- Poor kid-- the first memory of us will be: "boy they talk funny and they STINK"

That is the quick version--- more tomorrow--I'm wiped out!

see ya

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mobile test

Sent from my Android that features a really tiny keyboard.  Please forgive typos

Here we go!

Chicken on the grill! YUM!

Kids are fed and in bed (except James who has swim meet)

No pool for Jake---closed early for the swim meet, but he was happy helping to plant a rose bush and getting covered in mud!---tomorrow little dude--tomorrow

not as busy today as yesterday, and a fun and full day--- now it's time to go!

bags are packed-- just need to be "finalized"
Funds are on hand
Passports are ready
Mobile radio studio is ready
E-gear is ready---

Side note---- The way we have traveled has changed soooo much--- The electronic gear for this trip:
--2 laptops
--1 iPad
--1 Kindle
-- cell phone (actually more of a handheld computer/camera since it will be a phone brick over there)
--old skool----really old skool--circa 2002 mp3 player with an FM radio-- works on AA battery and is tiny for when other batteries die)
-- digital camera-- was gonna skip it,  but the pics are better than the phone
-- Plus the radio stuff--- Microphone, audio processing, cords, cables, mic stand, power converter and powerstrip/surge protector

Sure it is all tiny--- it would all actually fit in one carry-on roller board-- and it is replacing half a suitcase of big heavy books-- but still-- to be taking almost 10 things that need to be plugged in seems so over the top.

I have about an hour of work tomorrow morning and we leave at about 9:30am for out 1:30 flight (yep---it was a LOT cheaper to fly from Dayton so we must leave an hour earlier)

Will try to update from the road!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's DO THIS!

I am so excited to be going to meet the boys on Friday, yet bummed at the thought of NOT bringing them home with us at the end of this trip.

The EE country from which we are adopting requires 2 trips. This first one where we meet the guys and make a connection, then we leave for 2-4 months while the paperwork is completed and the governments stamp a lot of papers. Only then can we return and bring the the guys home.

I can't see how this is best for our boys, but it is way out of our control--- all we can do is hug, cuddle, and show them parental love during the time we are with them and pray that they are able to understand that we will be back as soon as is permitted---comforted by the knowledge that an exciting new life with their forever family awaits!

Today was a VERY busy day--- I wanted to get almost all my "work-work" done by today (I am not taking vacation, but I need to get several days ahead just in-case we have any problems).

Lots of Home-front work too--- shopping, finances, new tires, James orthodontist, tux fittings for the wedding. Though this is only a 2 week trip, it feels like there is so much to be done--

The good news is that tomorrow has only a couple of "must do" items on my schedule-- and among them are spending time with the boys at the pool and doing some grilling--- here's to a more relaxed day!!

Still to Do:

  • Get to the bank for US Visa $$$
  • pack the studio and me
  • a few hours of "work-work"
  • Find our passports---just kidding-- that is my recurring nightmare---arriving at the airport having forgotten the passports---or WORSE realizing that they are expired--- Same nightmare every-time we travel overseas.
More soon----


Thursday, July 7, 2011

WOW!-- One week---WOW!

We are just one short week away from getting to meet our boys for the very first time.

Here is how it SHOULD play out:

We fly out of Dayton ($300 cheaper per ticket) at about noon next Friday--

We arrive in our EE-land (no country mentions are permitted until after court) Saturday at about 4pm. We stay in "city of arrival" that night then mini-van off to Derrik's institution along the Black Sea early Sunday---

There is a local non-profit that offers free walking tours of "our arrival city" each day at 11a and 6p--- we hope to be able to hoof it after the flight to catch a bit of culture and history--and walk off jet-lag!

We will first meet with Derrik in the morning on July 18-- As we understand, we get to spend about an hour or so with him each morning and again in the afternoon. We will be with him until midday Friday--- thinking lots of interactive and bonding play--- hopefully they will let us do some "treat" feeding as well

We will spend Friday afternoon on the beach (wx permitting) on our own--our facilitator/translator will be leaving to go back to the capitol via minivan.--- we really want to stop at the birth town of Jacob/Henry and visit his grave-site--it is not possible for hostess to accompany so we will do it on our own. We will train from the sea to his town early Saturday and visit our little angel's grave-site that evening.

On Sunday we catch the train back to the capitol and meet up with the facilitator for our trip to see Screech!

We get to visit with him Monday-Friday for a couple of times a day. I can't wait to screech back at him!!

We will also attempt to meet with the wonderful folks at the American University who have offered to help Screech become more familiar with English during the time we must be separated. I can't say how much we appreciate Sabina and her efforts!

From there it is back to the capitol and a flight to Amsterdam/Minneapolis/Dayton and home to tour family on July 30th!

The really odd thing for me is that we will not leave EE with our boys---- Catie and James, Joey, and Jake all came home with us upon our first meeting-- It will be incredibly difficult to leave our boys in the care of others as we come home to our comfy lives while they are still institutionalized...  I do NOT like it at all---- but must respect the regulations of the adopting country.


To Do:

Buy travel clothes for me
Mary's laptop has been violated by Jakie's fingers-- need 3 keys replaced
Shopping for food for home crew---Go Aldi!
Meet with Rob to pickup the mobile studio gear--- Listen to your local Oldies/Classic Hits station-- you could hear me "live" from EE!--neato!
Needs new tires for the van---Sams Club Monday?
A TON of "ahead work" for me as I am NOT taking vacation--- Gotta love google voice, skype and WiFi---
Plus lots of kid watching as Mary has just picked up a new client and has her own work to do--

We are pretty "ready to roll"!



More (Hopefully) before we go!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Okay----Some Happy Thoughts


Happy Birthday America! What a great land in which we live to afford us the chance to adopt these kids and make the US citizens just like us!

We are less than 2 weeks from our first trip to see Screech and Derrrik--- Way excited and a bit freaked. We got them cool "pillow pet" type things to play with -- but I fear that are too large. Mary picked up some very cute little blankets/animals that I think will work better.

We have our "EE" language CDs from the internet and are learning yet another Balkan tongue - Many thanks to Sabina and the folks at the University for offering to help US and the boys to better communicate!

The kids back  home are all set-- thanks Marie and Em. We will only be gone 2 weeks this time (as opposed to almost 2 month with joey) but the prep still seems daunting.

I will NOT be taking vacation this time and will have a full broadcast studio on the trail--- Thanks Rob--- I sure hope it works-- so my radio station will have fresh stuff every day.

if you are not aware--

we will make our first trip on July 15--- Then we need to get papers ready for our return to pick up the boys-- it could be up to 4 horribly painful months-- USCIS, The EE country, court. passports.......

Waaaaay tooo long to get the fellows home--- but we have to work in the system--

That is it for today--- I will post some boring "getting ready" stuff next week--- travel after that