Saturday, July 16, 2011

we made it to EE----

our bags....not so much.

I almost never check bags--- keyword is almost. We just had 2 laptop bags and 2 carryon sized rollerboards--- but decided to check the rollers (we are getting old and hauling them through CDG did not sound like much fun)

Should have---

Our flight out of Dayton to Minneapolis was delayed and we were going to miss connections. Great work on Delta's part, by the time we hit the gate they had us rerouted to ATL and on our original flight out of CDG to EE. Bad work by the most inept (yet quite nice) delta gate dude I have ever seen.  He got us our boarding passes (barely in time for the flight---over 20 minutes) bags--- guess not.

The latest is that our bags (if they can locate them) we be delivered to the airport in Derrik's city on the Black Sea either late tomorrow or sometime Monday--- Poor kid-- the first memory of us will be: "boy they talk funny and they STINK"

That is the quick version--- more tomorrow--I'm wiped out!

see ya

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