Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 4 with little Dido--

---we only have one more meeting before we must go.

Pictures and videos follow----- HA—so you must read (or scroll)!

It was another beautiful day on the sea in Burgas, Bulgaria. There was a threat of rain and it was dark at times, but we never got a drop. The daytime high has been into the 90s, but today was only in the low 80s with a nice breeze from the east.

Up early to get some work done before breakfast. Down to breakfast (scrambled eggs, Bulgarian bacon, toast, fruit and water (beware the orange stuff posing as juice—it is really some artificially flavored and nutrasweet sweetened fruit-like drink – stay away!)

For the past couple of days, Derrik (or Dido or Didi as they call him) has wanted only me in the mornings. Hugs, songs and being carried around the grounds outside--- he looks and flirts with mom but does not want to go to her (exact opposite in the afternoon). It is had to believe how fast these visit go by. After 90 minutes we take him up to the meeting room where they have left his lunch for us to feed him. Some sort of meat porridge—yum. Some soup with bread in it—yummier, some broth (maybe fish)—no thanks.
He LOVES to eat, but has trouble with texture and with thin stuff--

During our midday break we came back to the hotel to do some more work and then went out hunting for some meal supplements to leave with Derrik. Found em—400 calories, lots of protein, vitamins and minerals--  We will buy one for each day until our best guess for a return. We grabbed a good lunch at a pizza place (shepherd salad,  and fungi and ham pizza). Back to the hotel for the ride to see little Dido!

I LOVE all of our time with the little guy, but afternoons are even more special. We have a huge playroom with mats, mirrors and a huge ball pit (and it has AC!) He usually has just woken up from his nap and is in the super-cute groggy state. He prefers Mary during these visits, but still lets me get close and play with him. Hard to believe but the 90 minutes passed in a flash. He ate his hi-cal snack (loved it) and got his feet and arms lubed and rubbed.(loved it). Only one more vist L

We headed back to the beach and “our restaurant” for dinner. Toni, Marty and Toni’s aunt have been getting plates of small fishes every night (heads and tails attached—just pop em in like a cocktail weenie, head and all). I finally got up the nerve to try one tonight--- after a couple of my new fave beers (Shumensko). You know what--- the little buggers are not too bad. Not sure I’d want a whole plate but I’m glad I ate like a local (for just a minute).

Tomorrow we are up at 8. Breakfast at 9, to the store to buy the supplement for Derrik then to the orphanage “Faith, Hope and Love” for one last visit with our tiny angel.

We will send most of the luggage back to Sofia with Toni and we will cab to the station to catch our 3pm train to Shumen.  We will be there until Sunday morning.

Our main mission in Shumen  is to visit our lost little guy’s grave site. Toni has arranged for a driver to help us find his body’s final resting place.  It is very hard to put my feelings into words. I still miss Jordan so much, I tear up still when I think of him and what should have been with us all together--Yet I am in amazement that he led us to Derrik. Upon his adoption Didowill be given the middle name Emmanuel ---God is indeed with us.

Rest in peace, Jordan—be calm until we can return for you, Dido Emmanuel.



now the photos:


  1. What a precious little guy. Love reading about your trip and your visits.

  2. Praying for you and your precious son!