Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here we go!

Chicken on the grill! YUM!

Kids are fed and in bed (except James who has swim meet)

No pool for Jake---closed early for the swim meet, but he was happy helping to plant a rose bush and getting covered in mud!---tomorrow little dude--tomorrow

not as busy today as yesterday, and a fun and full day--- now it's time to go!

bags are packed-- just need to be "finalized"
Funds are on hand
Passports are ready
Mobile radio studio is ready
E-gear is ready---

Side note---- The way we have traveled has changed soooo much--- The electronic gear for this trip:
--2 laptops
--1 iPad
--1 Kindle
-- cell phone (actually more of a handheld computer/camera since it will be a phone brick over there)
--old skool----really old skool--circa 2002 mp3 player with an FM radio-- works on AA battery and is tiny for when other batteries die)
-- digital camera-- was gonna skip it,  but the pics are better than the phone
-- Plus the radio stuff--- Microphone, audio processing, cords, cables, mic stand, power converter and powerstrip/surge protector

Sure it is all tiny--- it would all actually fit in one carry-on roller board-- and it is replacing half a suitcase of big heavy books-- but still-- to be taking almost 10 things that need to be plugged in seems so over the top.

I have about an hour of work tomorrow morning and we leave at about 9:30am for out 1:30 flight (yep---it was a LOT cheaper to fly from Dayton so we must leave an hour earlier)

Will try to update from the road!


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