Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Picture Man Can!

Please be sure to visit Mary's Blog HERE for a blow by blow of how things are going---

It is still hard to get over how tiny Derrik is--- 5 1/2 and he wears size 9 months.  He showed a bit more of his personalty today-- he has strong likes and dislikes and is not at all shy about letting us know that he does NOT like his back touched!

It is going to be unbelievably hard to leave him on Friday--- I do not want to think about it until then---


My job (since we only have one internet connection and very limited time to post) is to upload Pics and Video

so here you go!

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  1. Oh, he's so tiny and SO cute! It will be so great to get him home so he can get growing.

    I know it will be hard for you guys to leave him. I'll pray for him until you can bring him home!