Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Had a Great Afternoon Meeting Today

Screech was excited to see us when we arrived this afternoon--- apparently he knew something special was coming when the caretakers dressed him in the new clothes that we brought.

The workers told us that he understands everything that is being said...smart little man

So---today we:

  • looked at the little kittens being fed tiny fish by the kitchen staff
  • walked up and down the steps--alot
  • went up and down the slide steps--- but rarely went down the slide
  • climbed onto and over the gazebo seats
  • played iPad Piano
  • listened to music
  • tickled --alot--- laughed heartily
  • calmed down when rubbed with lotion
  • loved the big "nubby ball" rolled all over arms and legs
  • threw a fit when mom would not let screech walk up the slide ladder 2 steps at a time (actually refused to climb any more--just walked back down)
  • thew a bigger fit coming in from the rain and waiting in the lobby to go back to the groupa
The photo slide show in the previous post has been updated with the afternoon pictures--

Here is the one video from this afternoon




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