Thursday, July 28, 2011

A HOT Thursday in Bulgaria With a Cool Kid!

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Okay---first these Pics--

Videos at the end of the post!

With only one more visit, I am struck with the difference in how I feel about leaving Screech vs leaving Dido-

I am very sad about leaving little Martin here, but I know he will be okay until we get back. He is a tough, independent little guy. With Dido, I really worry not only about him being lonely but about him surviving until we return. He is so tiny and so helpless--- I really hope USCIS and MOJ will agree to expedite-

Today was a "working day" at the construction pit behind the orphanage and Martin LOVED it! Heavy earth moving equipment, huge dump trucks-- and some some reason a Gypsy family and their horse and buggy mining rebar... Screech LOVED it-- Noise, movement, big scoops of dirt and rocks--- little boy heaven!

It was amusing that he wanted only me to be his building buddy--- Mom is cool for lotion, massage and ball play, but only papa will work for the hard work of watching (or supervising) the Big Dig!

One surprise today-- -the little guy does NOT like horses. We tried to take him over to visit with the Gypsy horse and he squawked every time we even moved in that direction--okay--- Big Machines? Da! Little Horse  ? Nay! (so to speak)

Mary got to feed the little dude today--- he did NOT like his cold cold cucumber and yogurt soup (I agree). He did like his porridge and fruit compote. He is on soft but not pureed foods. He does not show any interest in feeding him self (Dido DOES). Scrapes the spoon with his teeth not with his lips.

Non adoption stuff for the day:

Huge thanks to Rob and the guys at PC Ops for letting me continue to work from here--- It has been wonderful.

We stopped at Kaufland today for a few last minute supplies and got a great German Style Semmel Wurst mit Senf. Did some work, then spent half hour or so at the pool--- it was near 100 degrees today and the water felt great. We are now sitting poolside with really bad Bulgarian Pop blaring from the pool bar speakers catching up on emails and blogging!

Tomorrow will be a very sad and busy day-

Breakfast, pack, checkout, one last visit with little Martin (sad), drive to Sofia (with a stopover to drop off Toni's aunt at her country home) and check into the hotel before our VERY early flight home Saturday morning.

We should be able to update from the hotel in Sofia about this time tomorrow-

Until Then--- 



PS---yes here are the videos!

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