Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Only 3 more visits :-(

We had two wonderful visits with Screech today.

We were sad to see he had some more SIB injuries today-- a fat lip and sores on his hand. He seems so happy when he is with us--we have seen him try to strike himself, but is very easily redirected. I am hopeful (and somewhat confident) that this is not going to be a big deal when we get home.

The trip here is so quick that there is no time to settle into the "Groundhog Day" feeling that is so typical with our other adoptions. Every day and every visit is fresh and holds something new. But we ARE trying to get into a routine--

We pick him up at the front door of the orphanage, carry him down to the play area. We walk holding both our hands over to the slide and climb up and down-- stroll for a bit. Lotion up (becoming his favorite part of the visit) and roll the nubby ball over his arms and legs..

We sing songs and play games until about the last 30 minutes then turn on the MP3 player for some tunes.

He LOVES "Boy stuff"-- Cars, trucks, bugs, tools and noise!

In the morning be loved watching the "scrappers" smash up concrete behind the play-yard to "recycle" the rebar, then pile it into their horse drawn wagon and head to the junkyard.

In the afternoon, I thought it might be fun to pluck the seed pods (cigars) off the Catalpa tree in the play-yard (just like I did when I was a kid)-- HOMERUN! He loved it--- laughed the entire time (probably because it is forbidden with the care-takers) At first, he wanted to hit himself with them. Mary showed him how to touch himself lightly and he spent nearly 40 minutes pulling the pods from the tree, laughing then tickling himself and us with the cigars--see the video.

Between visits we had a nice lunch in the room and spent a bit of time by the pool at the hotel--- It was hot today--- 93--- tomorrow close to 100--

We are both feeling sad about having to leave Screech, but are more comfortable that he will be okay until we return. We still worry alot about Derrik--- he is so tiny and really needs to get to the US FAST-- hopefully Toni and the MOJ will move this along here and we can get the USCIS folks to understand the urgency too. I'm not sure he can wait until November.

As sad as we are about leaving the boys we are excited about getting home to everyone-- the girls have done an awesome job holding down the fort.

3 visits left. 3 Days until we are home--

More tomorrow,


You can see more videos on my  youtube channel

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