Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Last Day with Screech

Up early this morning and down to breakfast--hemenecks (Bulgarian for Ham and Eggs), toast and tea.

All packed and into the car for one final visit with Martin.

The caretakers brought him down and we were anxious to see him--- the telltale clunk of the elevator and him making his cute noises as he walks out to meet us---except today he ran up to me as soon as he saw me--it was very sweet.

We walked down to the playground to watch the "Big Dig"--- the other kids were down there too. Martin did not seem to want to be around them and he was much clingier than usual. After a while with the other kids, we decided he might do better if we went to the little playground --yes he did. He was in a great mood--giggling and smiling non-stop.---- KaBOOOM- Thunderstorm... big heavy rain. We played under the balcony for 30 minutes or so until the caretaker appeared to take him in. She was 10 minutes early and we did not have as long to say good-bye as we expected-- but that was probably better to keep us from being blubbering fools!

A sad goodbye. Martin came back over to us as we were turning to leave-- he has never done that before. I will miss you little guy. We will hurry back--promise!

A quiet car ride back to Sofia. One stop to drop off Toni's aunt at her summer home-- a beautiful location in the mountains-- fruit trees everywhere. I could live like that!

We got to the hotel around 2pm and Mary and I headed out to explore the city a bit-- Lunch at Happy Grill
A walk down the pedestrian zone and through the park then to Starbucks (we got it Marie) and back to the hotel--- 8km and I'm tired

4am wake up call tomorrow, plane at 7. TIGHT connections in Amsterdam and Minneapolis-- If all goes well back home with the kids tomorrow evening.

Pictures and Video from our last day follow---



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  1. Beautiful picture of the three of you together. I'm sure it is so hard to leave the boys. I am writing your family down in my prayer notebook so I remember to pray for them while they wait for you to come back and get them.