Thursday, July 7, 2011

WOW!-- One week---WOW!

We are just one short week away from getting to meet our boys for the very first time.

Here is how it SHOULD play out:

We fly out of Dayton ($300 cheaper per ticket) at about noon next Friday--

We arrive in our EE-land (no country mentions are permitted until after court) Saturday at about 4pm. We stay in "city of arrival" that night then mini-van off to Derrik's institution along the Black Sea early Sunday---

There is a local non-profit that offers free walking tours of "our arrival city" each day at 11a and 6p--- we hope to be able to hoof it after the flight to catch a bit of culture and history--and walk off jet-lag!

We will first meet with Derrik in the morning on July 18-- As we understand, we get to spend about an hour or so with him each morning and again in the afternoon. We will be with him until midday Friday--- thinking lots of interactive and bonding play--- hopefully they will let us do some "treat" feeding as well

We will spend Friday afternoon on the beach (wx permitting) on our own--our facilitator/translator will be leaving to go back to the capitol via minivan.--- we really want to stop at the birth town of Jacob/Henry and visit his grave-site--it is not possible for hostess to accompany so we will do it on our own. We will train from the sea to his town early Saturday and visit our little angel's grave-site that evening.

On Sunday we catch the train back to the capitol and meet up with the facilitator for our trip to see Screech!

We get to visit with him Monday-Friday for a couple of times a day. I can't wait to screech back at him!!

We will also attempt to meet with the wonderful folks at the American University who have offered to help Screech become more familiar with English during the time we must be separated. I can't say how much we appreciate Sabina and her efforts!

From there it is back to the capitol and a flight to Amsterdam/Minneapolis/Dayton and home to tour family on July 30th!

The really odd thing for me is that we will not leave EE with our boys---- Catie and James, Joey, and Jake all came home with us upon our first meeting-- It will be incredibly difficult to leave our boys in the care of others as we come home to our comfy lives while they are still institutionalized...  I do NOT like it at all---- but must respect the regulations of the adopting country.


To Do:

Buy travel clothes for me
Mary's laptop has been violated by Jakie's fingers-- need 3 keys replaced
Shopping for food for home crew---Go Aldi!
Meet with Rob to pickup the mobile studio gear--- Listen to your local Oldies/Classic Hits station-- you could hear me "live" from EE!--neato!
Needs new tires for the van---Sams Club Monday?
A TON of "ahead work" for me as I am NOT taking vacation--- Gotta love google voice, skype and WiFi---
Plus lots of kid watching as Mary has just picked up a new client and has her own work to do--

We are pretty "ready to roll"!



More (Hopefully) before we go!

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