Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's DO THIS!

I am so excited to be going to meet the boys on Friday, yet bummed at the thought of NOT bringing them home with us at the end of this trip.

The EE country from which we are adopting requires 2 trips. This first one where we meet the guys and make a connection, then we leave for 2-4 months while the paperwork is completed and the governments stamp a lot of papers. Only then can we return and bring the the guys home.

I can't see how this is best for our boys, but it is way out of our control--- all we can do is hug, cuddle, and show them parental love during the time we are with them and pray that they are able to understand that we will be back as soon as is permitted---comforted by the knowledge that an exciting new life with their forever family awaits!

Today was a VERY busy day--- I wanted to get almost all my "work-work" done by today (I am not taking vacation, but I need to get several days ahead just in-case we have any problems).

Lots of Home-front work too--- shopping, finances, new tires, James orthodontist, tux fittings for the wedding. Though this is only a 2 week trip, it feels like there is so much to be done--

The good news is that tomorrow has only a couple of "must do" items on my schedule-- and among them are spending time with the boys at the pool and doing some grilling--- here's to a more relaxed day!!

Still to Do:

  • Get to the bank for US Visa $$$
  • pack the studio and me
  • a few hours of "work-work"
  • Find our passports---just kidding-- that is my recurring nightmare---arriving at the airport having forgotten the passports---or WORSE realizing that they are expired--- Same nightmare every-time we travel overseas.
More soon----


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