Saturday, July 2, 2011

Okay----Some Happy Thoughts


Happy Birthday America! What a great land in which we live to afford us the chance to adopt these kids and make the US citizens just like us!

We are less than 2 weeks from our first trip to see Screech and Derrrik--- Way excited and a bit freaked. We got them cool "pillow pet" type things to play with -- but I fear that are too large. Mary picked up some very cute little blankets/animals that I think will work better.

We have our "EE" language CDs from the internet and are learning yet another Balkan tongue - Many thanks to Sabina and the folks at the University for offering to help US and the boys to better communicate!

The kids back  home are all set-- thanks Marie and Em. We will only be gone 2 weeks this time (as opposed to almost 2 month with joey) but the prep still seems daunting.

I will NOT be taking vacation this time and will have a full broadcast studio on the trail--- Thanks Rob--- I sure hope it works-- so my radio station will have fresh stuff every day.

if you are not aware--

we will make our first trip on July 15--- Then we need to get papers ready for our return to pick up the boys-- it could be up to 4 horribly painful months-- USCIS, The EE country, court. passports.......

Waaaaay tooo long to get the fellows home--- but we have to work in the system--

That is it for today--- I will post some boring "getting ready" stuff next week--- travel after that


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