Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

It has been 24 1/2 hours since we woke up for our flight home--whew!

We had tight connections, but an uneventful return trip home--- Sofia-Amsterdam-Minneapolis-Dayton-Drive to Cincy--

Special Thanks to Marie and Emily for holding down the fort keeping sanity here at home. The boys look happy, healthy and is Jakie really almost potty trained??? YAY!--

The boys all look so big after 2 weeks with Screech and Derrik!

Also special "thanks" to Delta for AGAIN losing our luggage--- Actually the last 3 international trips on Delta they have lost/mishandled our bags. I never used to check bags, but with my "bum back" and fuller flights, I almost always check on the way home---where the damage from lost or delayed bags in minimal.

Actually a moment on Delta--- They used to be my favorite carrier. Southern hospitality, but quite efficient service and great routes and fares. Since the Northwest merger they are a nightmare! Snotty gate agents... Flight crews that want to be anywhere but on the plane, lost luggage, inept ticketing folks, and endless delays on the phone reservation system (and I miss those signature hard Delta landings--- I love flying with Navy carrier pilots) Perhaps it is time to take my million miles and go someplace else--- or are they all this bad??

I owe you a general post on Bulgaria---- Tips and tricks for those who are headed that way for adoptions or just fun time travel Like "Вход" ---is sign in on your google account- I'll try to get that this week. Also and update on our paperwork. Then we settle in for the "wait". I pray it will be short

I am so happy to be home and yet so sad that our family is separated by all this distance-- Hang tight, guys-- we are coming back for you!



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