Monday, July 25, 2011

First Visit with Screech

Feisty and independent--Hello Screech!

He likes to be picked up and put down. He gives hugs--- then wants down--- he really wanted us to take him outside during our visit--- but we were stuck in a small "cell" this time.

The doctor warned us that he had a "scratch" on his face--- more like a gash-- We saw some slight SIB during our visit, but he was easily redirected.

A very determined young man- He interacted well with us and let his wishes be known. He really seems to want to talk.

We played beach ball (throw, catch kick and bat)--- and played the "Climbing Game"---see video. When we got bored with climbing forward, he decided it would be fun to try it backward--- and was successful!

We came back from our visit and had the crew drop us off at Kauffland (think Super Wal-Mart). We got supplies for lunches--hard rolls, ham, salami, cheese, President Butter (the best ever), a bunch of fruit and (Finally) another adapter so both laptops can be plugged in at the same time. A quick cab ride back to the hotel and I got some work done---we ate lunch and now it's almost time to head back out--

Here come the videos--

More later today!


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