Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting Excited To Get Our Boys Home!!

Okay---so it is not as soon as we had hoped, but the good news is we got a "good judge" and we have a bit of extra time to continue to practice our Bulgarian, pack and prepare to get the boys. All along I have been guessing the second week in December--- that looks pretty realistic now---- praying that it is the week before--- get the fellas sooner and airfare is WAAAAY less that week.

As of today-- the plan is that I will travel with my daughter Marie and son James. Mary will stay home to tend to Jake, Matt and Joey..I wish there was a way that we could go together,  but it just won't work....

Our team usually has families stay at a nice hotel on the outskirts of Sofia. I would prefer an apartment in the center--- both kids are on mashed foods and it will be way easier to cook our own food and hit it with the stick blender. Plus a decent 2 bedroom flat right off the pedestrian zone is a great value at about 400 euro a week-- no eating out and a comfy roomy place next to the huge park--- YES!!

James is learning Cyrillic and we are both deep into our 'Bulgarian Language for tots" studies.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Good News--- Bad News

Well okay---mostly good news--- We have court on November 15th. Considering Deyan's needs, I was really expecting that they would get us in sooner--- but we will take what we are given.  So if court is on the 15th we are hoping that we will travel either the first or second week of December...

Good news fellows--- you will be home for your first Christmas!

I can't wait to give you a big hug!

Love papa

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well Kinda--

Thanks to "Team Bulgaria" for letting us know that this past Monday we needed only one last signature on our paperwork and it would be off to court. The expectation was that we would get that much needed signature before the end of the week (today) and it would be sent off to court for judicial assignment.

The other good news-- the court backlog seems to be cleared out (since there is no court in August, the first few months back suffers from "need to get "caught up" on the case load").

What does this mean?

It means that there is a CHANCE that we could be off to get the boys sooner than we expected. I always felt that we would travel in late November/early December--- Now it looks like that MIGHT be moved up a couple of weeks.

Please pray that we did indeed get the final signature this week and that our papers got to court today... Also we need to get a "good judge" and hopefully their schedule allows them to get to the boys in the next week. Please pray for this expedited timeline. We have no worries about Martin, but Deyan runs out of the supplemental feedings we left for him in early November-- we are trying to get a couple more weeks of feedings to him, but it sure would be great if we could give them in person!

Thanks also to Team Bulgaria for the update on Martin-- He is bigger, steadier and with no SIB. He has been moved to a higher functioning group and is now feeding himself! YAY!

Hang on guys--- it looks like we are coming soon!!!

Love Papa

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Screech Sighting

Thanks to another family adopting from Martin's orphanage for filling us in that he is doing great.

We sent over a picture book of our visits with him and a small musical toy. He got his presents and got to spend a few minutes with an American. (THANKS!!)

The report is that he is bigger, steadier on his feet, and feeding himself--- plus all his dents and dings are healed.

GREAT NEWS all around!

Now we continue to wait---and wait--and wait.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're Watching and Waiting

A brief respite for Jake's favorite show and our current holding pattern--

All of our documents are with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. We are at their mercy to obtain 2 required signatures, then we wait for a court date.

I think the "best case" scenario would be we travel over Thanksgiving weekend. I do not want to consider "worst case"

It seems a rather typical timeline is:

Submit to MOJ--that was 9/29
+ 20 days COURT

That said, we and our precious little boys are at the mercy of the government of Bulgaria at this point. Please pray that God may work a miracle and get the boys through the process as smoothly and quickly as possible.

We respect the laws, rules, norms, and customs of the Republic of Bulgaria and we know that they are working hard to get these kids placed as soon as possible. 

Deyan and Martin-- we are hurrying as best we can to bring you home!