Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting Excited To Get Our Boys Home!!

Okay---so it is not as soon as we had hoped, but the good news is we got a "good judge" and we have a bit of extra time to continue to practice our Bulgarian, pack and prepare to get the boys. All along I have been guessing the second week in December--- that looks pretty realistic now---- praying that it is the week before--- get the fellas sooner and airfare is WAAAAY less that week.

As of today-- the plan is that I will travel with my daughter Marie and son James. Mary will stay home to tend to Jake, Matt and Joey..I wish there was a way that we could go together,  but it just won't work....

Our team usually has families stay at a nice hotel on the outskirts of Sofia. I would prefer an apartment in the center--- both kids are on mashed foods and it will be way easier to cook our own food and hit it with the stick blender. Plus a decent 2 bedroom flat right off the pedestrian zone is a great value at about 400 euro a week-- no eating out and a comfy roomy place next to the huge park--- YES!!

James is learning Cyrillic and we are both deep into our 'Bulgarian Language for tots" studies.


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