Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's Up?

Wow it has been forever since my last post--- Life has been busy, but good!

well---not all good... 2 weeks ago Deyan took a tumble down the stairs with his big sis-- OUCH! Busted femur. He was in a lot of pain for a few days, now he is just a little annoyed that we won't let him walk--

Since Christmas, we have been prodding him to take his first steps--- now we won't let him--poor dude is quite confused. another few weeks little "Cheeto".

Marty continues to push his boundaries like any good boy should-- He still loves to sign, be read to, and swing--- just on his terms-- he has picked up a nasty habit of scratching us if he does not get what he wants---anyone else dealing with this?

Many days Marty spends more time in "timeout" than out of it---- but it really seems to be working well. He understands what is expected and every day is a bit more willing to deliver.


Moose made his first visit to the local swim club pool--- I was at home with Dido, but the reports were that after some initial trepidation the Moose took well to water--- I can't wait to get him to the pool to see!

Dido LOVES the water---but no pool until at least early July thanks to the break-- we also had to postpone our first family vacation in about a million years--- The beach and mouse would not be fun with a gimpy Cheeto--- Maybe August.

I may be the only one,but I am so looking forward to summer with the boys---lots of work on schedule, routine,communication and family!

It's Gonna be a GREAT Summer!

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Amazing Swimming Moose

Sorry-- I have no Pics

Today Marty and I had the most amazing afternoon---

Marty (Moose) is afraid of EVERYTHING.

We have had the kiddie pools out 5 or 6 times so far this year and the most he would do is sit on the ledge maybe putting his feet in. (one pool is actually a sandbox and has a nice place to sit and watch)

This afternoon Deyan wanted to be in--- Jake too-- so it was me and 2 of the older boys with Moose.. after a few minutes he sat his toosh in the water (first time)... a couple minutes later he was splashing with his hands---- then his feet-- then laying on his back--- then ALMOST putting his face in the water---

What an amazing transformation--- it was like watching a 9 month old enter the water the first time and after 30 minutes a 3 year old emerge with appropriate water play skills--

Moose, you amaze me-- It's gonna be a FUN Summer--- Can't wait!



Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tragedy Begets Life

One year ago today our baby Jordan (Jacob-Henry) died in a Bulgarian hospital from surgical complications It happened just a few months before we to hold his tiny body and comfort him with the thought of a forever family.

I still think of him every day when I look into the eyes of his brother Deyan.

Through Jordan's death, Deyan has had a chance at life. We had already committed to bring Jordan and Martin home. After we got the terrible news about Jordan's passing, we could not even think of "replacing" him with another child.

Thanks to many hours of prayer and many encouraging words from you we DID decide to find a second child that needed us-- Another child with little hope of being adopted and little hope to survive another year.

One year later Jordan's brother Deyan has not only survived, but thrived when given the chance at a full life.

Thanks to God for this miracle.

Jordan-- I will always keep the promise I made to you --

Each time I play with Deyan--- hear him giggle--- see him smile-- I will give him 2 hugs-- one of them is for him, one of them is for you.

Love Papa