Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's Up?

Wow it has been forever since my last post--- Life has been busy, but good!

well---not all good... 2 weeks ago Deyan took a tumble down the stairs with his big sis-- OUCH! Busted femur. He was in a lot of pain for a few days, now he is just a little annoyed that we won't let him walk--

Since Christmas, we have been prodding him to take his first steps--- now we won't let him--poor dude is quite confused. another few weeks little "Cheeto".

Marty continues to push his boundaries like any good boy should-- He still loves to sign, be read to, and swing--- just on his terms-- he has picked up a nasty habit of scratching us if he does not get what he wants---anyone else dealing with this?

Many days Marty spends more time in "timeout" than out of it---- but it really seems to be working well. He understands what is expected and every day is a bit more willing to deliver.


Moose made his first visit to the local swim club pool--- I was at home with Dido, but the reports were that after some initial trepidation the Moose took well to water--- I can't wait to get him to the pool to see!

Dido LOVES the water---but no pool until at least early July thanks to the break-- we also had to postpone our first family vacation in about a million years--- The beach and mouse would not be fun with a gimpy Cheeto--- Maybe August.

I may be the only one,but I am so looking forward to summer with the boys---lots of work on schedule, routine,communication and family!

It's Gonna be a GREAT Summer!

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