Monday, May 7, 2012

My Amazing Swimming Moose

Sorry-- I have no Pics

Today Marty and I had the most amazing afternoon---

Marty (Moose) is afraid of EVERYTHING.

We have had the kiddie pools out 5 or 6 times so far this year and the most he would do is sit on the ledge maybe putting his feet in. (one pool is actually a sandbox and has a nice place to sit and watch)

This afternoon Deyan wanted to be in--- Jake too-- so it was me and 2 of the older boys with Moose.. after a few minutes he sat his toosh in the water (first time)... a couple minutes later he was splashing with his hands---- then his feet-- then laying on his back--- then ALMOST putting his face in the water---

What an amazing transformation--- it was like watching a 9 month old enter the water the first time and after 30 minutes a 3 year old emerge with appropriate water play skills--

Moose, you amaze me-- It's gonna be a FUN Summer--- Can't wait!



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