Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tragedy Begets Life

One year ago today our baby Jordan (Jacob-Henry) died in a Bulgarian hospital from surgical complications It happened just a few months before we to hold his tiny body and comfort him with the thought of a forever family.

I still think of him every day when I look into the eyes of his brother Deyan.

Through Jordan's death, Deyan has had a chance at life. We had already committed to bring Jordan and Martin home. After we got the terrible news about Jordan's passing, we could not even think of "replacing" him with another child.

Thanks to many hours of prayer and many encouraging words from you we DID decide to find a second child that needed us-- Another child with little hope of being adopted and little hope to survive another year.

One year later Jordan's brother Deyan has not only survived, but thrived when given the chance at a full life.

Thanks to God for this miracle.

Jordan-- I will always keep the promise I made to you --

Each time I play with Deyan--- hear him giggle--- see him smile-- I will give him 2 hugs-- one of them is for him, one of them is for you.

Love Papa

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  1. Oh, they even look like brothers. Saying a prayer for your family this weekend.