Monday, October 28, 2013

I'd Like You to Meet Andrei

God has mysterious ways of working. Mary and I had zero intentions of adopting again. We have a wonderful, hectic family. Marty and Dido have settled in perfectly, Jake is still a struggle but we have support to make it all work. We have a truly amazing life.


I first met Andrei many months ago--- I prayed for him, tried to fundraise for him, and advocated for him at every turn. Certainly someone would be willing and able to commit to this young man before he aged out and was sentenced to die in an Eastern European mental institution.

The clock advanced-- prayer became more fervent and nobody stepped forward. "Why?"

Then it stuck me-- "Why" was because it was OUR FAMILY being called to adopt Andrei.

With only 10 days until he aged out, we frantically filed papers, called and begged congressional staffers (in the height of the government shutdown) to make sure our documents were checked in in before his 16th birthday....we made it---NO He made it!

Yes--- he is Andrei!!

All our other adoptions were planned and fully funded before we began the journey--- this time.. not so much.

We expect the entire cost to be $25,000. Tax credits get us halfway so we are trying to raise 12,500 before we travel.

If you are able and so inclined any donation would be appreciated.

Andrei's You Caring Site

I will start updating more frequently when we know more about travel and have more to share. Until then, lease keep us in your prayers!

Papa, Mama, Andrei and family!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Dido Birthday!

A wonderful birthday today for Deyan. A joyful day for us and him. 

I can't help but think back on that day 7 years ago when his parents' hopes and dreams were dashed. What were they told? "He will never smile, nor walk. He is not suitable to be in a family". How hard that must have been to have 9 months of dreams smashed by one doctor. A lifetime of 'could have been's' lost in an instant. Iknow. We were there with Matthew Stolz. Had it been a decade earlier we would have been told the same.

To Deyan's birth parents wherever you are. Please know you have a charming, bright wonderful little boy. His soul shines brighter than any I have ever met. You did well. Thanks to the amazing staff at Faith, Hope And Love Orphanage in Burgas for keeping him alive until we could get him. And thanks to baby Jordan for leading us to Deyan Emmanuel.. For God is indeed with us.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The One Left Behind

Tonight little Deyan fed himself for the first time!!!

 He is so full of life!  I had to pause to thank little Jordan for the gift of Deyan.

Jordan lost his battle before we could unite him with his forever family.

But in doing so, he gave life to little Dido..

After Jordan died, one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made was if we would would move forward and adopt Marty alone or we would search for another child.

We decided the best way to honor our little angel was to seek out another little guy like Jordan.

We found Deyan..

He was tiny, sick and did not have hope without a family to come and get him NOW.

Well,  Mr Jordan,  "You done good"!

Deyan has blossomed. He now walks, talks and is the never ending bucket of smiles. He is the sweetest soul I have ever known.  

Jordan, I'm so sad you are not with us. Every night I give Deyan an extra hug just for you. Play free in heaven... Merry Christmas little man. Thank you for leading us to your brother

I will always love you


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy GOTCHA DAY Marty!

One year ago today we made the short drive from Sofia to Blagoevgrad to unite Martin with his forever family!

His pickup had a much different "vibe" than Deyan's (or any of the other kids.) We were not permitted to see his floor or talk to his caretakers. We waited in the cold, dark lobby as he was brought down to us. The worker did not even say goodbye to him---very sad

here is a link to that hectic day

What great progress Marty (Moose) has made

He now eats solids, signs, tries to use some words, loves to play hand and singing games. Marty loves to be read to and really loves to cuddle (something he was terrified of when we first met him)

From this---from the first day we met him

To This

To This

To This---quite a handsome Moose!

It has not been easy with Marty, but it has been incredibly rewarding to watch this timid little boy blossom!

I'm proud to call you son, Mr Moose!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy First GOTCHA Day Anniversary

One year ago today Deyan came home with his forever family-  ORIGINAL POST---what a great year it's been.

Deyan's (Dido---Cheeto---Burrito) growth has been nothing short of a miracle.

from this--

to this

to this

to these brand new photos

Dido now walks, talks (at least a loud emphatic "NO!") Signs words, plays with toys (never saw that in Bulgaria), Loves to be read to, tickled, and hugged

He has had some medical scares. A broken leg (twice) The fear of a seizure disorder ---thankfully dismissed---but all in all he continues to thrive!

The perpetually happy child.

It's been a great year. Happy GOTCHA day Dido!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Been WAY to long..

I'm sorry for the delay in updates---as we approach one year with Deyan and Marty, it has really been The Tale of two Cities---

Both boys are amazing--- healthy and growing like crazy.

Deyan who was viewed as  a "lost cause" at his orphanage is now walking (for the 3rd time after 2 broken legs)---actually he is RUNNING. He is signing and speaking a few words. For a child that did not even smile in the orphanage, he is always laughing, teasing and having fun. I have never seen a child so full of life as he is!--- Every time I lookinto his eyes I remember Jordan--- his little brother that did not make it--- Jordan is the reason that Deyan has had a chance at life---thank you my sweetness-- you accomplished such great things. we miss you

here is Deyan--- or Dido or Cheeto (or fido on spell check)

Little Marty Moose is a bit of another story

He is self abusive.... frustrating for such a smart little boy. His orphanage was not as caring as Deyan's and it really shows. It seems as though he was at least hit (if not abused) --- he is so hand shy.

Marty loves to sit on my lap and play hand games (itsy, bitsy spider....)---he signs and is trying to say some words.  He is a great eater and is the only one of the newbies on solids. He is a very sweet, loving boy---Marty loves to give kisses and hugs---loves being held and sung to--- just insists on beating the crap out of himself if we are not there to check his hands--

It breaks my heart, as he is probably one of the brightest of our little guys--- what happened to him to cause him to seek pleasure by inflicting pain?  so sad--- I love my moose (our nickname for him)