Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy GOTCHA DAY Marty!

One year ago today we made the short drive from Sofia to Blagoevgrad to unite Martin with his forever family!

His pickup had a much different "vibe" than Deyan's (or any of the other kids.) We were not permitted to see his floor or talk to his caretakers. We waited in the cold, dark lobby as he was brought down to us. The worker did not even say goodbye to him---very sad

here is a link to that hectic day

What great progress Marty (Moose) has made

He now eats solids, signs, tries to use some words, loves to play hand and singing games. Marty loves to be read to and really loves to cuddle (something he was terrified of when we first met him)

From this---from the first day we met him

To This

To This

To This---quite a handsome Moose!

It has not been easy with Marty, but it has been incredibly rewarding to watch this timid little boy blossom!

I'm proud to call you son, Mr Moose!

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