Sunday, July 17, 2011

great news!

They found our bags--- of course being "EE Airlines", they will not deliver them to us--- They will arrive from the capital to our seaside town tonight at 11pm-- we have to pick them up tomorrow early AM at the airport.

at least we will have clean duds and the toys we brought to share with Derrik and Screech

I'm so excited for tomorrow... we had a wonderful evening strolling along the sea and eating a great dinner (we opted out of the tiny little fishes with heads) right on the beach (photos as soon as we get the luggage and the usb cords)--- But as great as this evening was it was a small distraction for the real reason we are here is to meet our new kids for the first time.

We will get up tomorrow at 6:30, shower and put on 3+ day old stinky clothes--- to the lobby for breakfast, then to the airport to get the bags-- Hopefully we will have time to come back to the room and shower again and get on clean stuff to go to the orphanage.

We get to meet Derrik for the first time tomorrow at 10am-- we will have about 90 minutes with him at 10 and again at 4 M-th-- only one meeting on Friday.

So hopefully tomorrow we will have lots of stories and pictures to share

til then,


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