Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3 with DiDi!

His caretakers call him DeeDee or DeeDo. Every day we see he is more of a character-- He has very specific likes and dislikes-- do NOT touch his back, DO tickle him and touch lightly all over UNLESS he moves your hand away. Do make kissing noises near his mouth and expect a slobbery kiss--- do NOT be shocked if you get a bit of his lunch with it.

He loves to walk (with both hands being held) He loves to scoot on his bum around the playroom (still have not been able to get video of that)

He loves his ball--do NOT try to take it away

He HATES being poked by the doctor---BIG tears

He is so sweet and just wants to be with us, to be held, and to be loved--

What a beautiful little gift from God---

The Web is being really slow tonight here--- I will continue to try to get the videos and more pick up this evening



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