Friday, January 6, 2012

Ahhh The Boys

It has been a great 3 weeks at home!

Laughing nearly every minute---YES!

The boys are a HOOT and too dang cute

Not sure about Jakie's foot, but Martin and Deyan holding hands on their own is priceless---perhaps sizing up the competition for a future ambush!

While I was downstairs working today, Mary and James had the boys outside---Clearly Deyan has done this before:

He is so in there-- what a smart little boy!

As Marty gets more comfy with us he is really starting to blossom too--- Martin is about where we expected--- Deyan is WAY beyond what we thought. It is fun to watch his thought process.. he loves to get reaction from adults--positive and not--- last night he started giggling about a minute before he lunged for me to take a nice BITE out of my shoulder--- you could see the motor planning and excitement about the anticipated outcome as he worked it out in his head--- VERY cute! (yet somewhat painful)--

What a great pair of little boys!

More soon

love Papa

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