Thursday, January 19, 2012

Martin WHO??

I feel so neglectful for not writing more about Marty--- He has made such great progress--from no eye contact and wanting to sit in the corner, to fighting over papa lap space--even willing to duel with Jake over the chance!

He is making really good eye contact and has become quite the cuddle buddy (after fighting it for the past month)-he Loves playing "head, shoulders, knees.."

Marty Moose is still VERY shy--- when going for a "high five" he cowers like he has been struck-- but every day he opens himself up to us a bit more... he wants to belong here and that is a true blessing! CHEERS MOOSE!

On a more somber note---Deyan is back in the the hospital-- he had multiple seizures over an hour earlier today---the episodes are not dramatic, but you see his tiny body get rigid and his eyes lose focus--

The good news is after Mary and Deyan got to the hospital he was fine and up and practicing his walking-- Oh Ding Ding!

They will run tests on him tonight and tomorrow--

Gotta get to bed---we are short handed here at the homestead--jake will be up in an hour or so!


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