Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Just a very quick update!

Deyan is home from the hospital and is going great ---other than the CRUD--

Seems we all have strep--- FUN!

Poor Marty was first and it is travelling through the troops---

Both boys are growing and getting more comfortable with us---and us with them. Hopefully we will make some major progress when the antibiotics kick in--- Kudos and apologies to Marie--- she smelled the strep on Martin last week--- he has always had "elephant breath" so I disregarded it (I am usually the strep smell-er) Marie was right and we could have avoided a week of whining,discomfort, and tears had I listened --boo me!

Mary and I are both very lucky to work from home--- but it has meant some juggling and LOTS of help from the other kids the past few days!=== THANKS!

Our routine is getting pretty settled

Up at 7ish

I make breakfast. Marie, Mary, and James get the boys up and rolling--

Breakfast, Curious George, and bus for the "big kids".

Mom then works and James and I take the little guys for Martin's beloved daily car ride--- (usually a ride to nowhere---as long as nowhere has plenty of trucks to watch)

back for late Am snack---swap off and Mary has boys and I head to the studio for work---

Lunch--- an attempt at naps (HA!!--Righto) and the other kids are home--

Smoothie with my new fave-- homemade yogurt--- a bit of chill/tv time

Dinner--- playing---- WHEEL and Jeopardy


A bit of grown-up time and usually by 10p bed time for us---

Yikes----I'm a half hour late after getting caught up on Storage Wars on the DVR!

More soon!


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