Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Deyan!

...or Ding Ding as Matt calls him--

6 years old today and he has turned into a fireball! He still loves to cuddle sometimes, but better nutrition has been quite good to him. He has chubby cheeks, a bit of meat on his arms and legs and a TON of new-found energy. He loves to run back and forth in the living room (still holding a hand) He is quick (very quick) to scoot to freedom if the gate is left open and LOVES to motor himself about on his riding toy--

The same kid?

The Birthday crew!


  1. Ugly ugly ugly lil kiddos that u purchased. Not the least but cute. Not a micron cute. How long till decide they ate too much work & kick em to the curb? Four months? Six? Think of lil Yuri WINkles!! Or ncolai Emelseyev!!

    1. This comment got filtered as "hate speech" by Blogger--- I decided to re-post it to show that there is indeed evil in this world.

      This person (Roxy James) posts from an Eastern Europe Ip address on many adoption blogs--- He/She seems to especially hate RR people---

      Roxy's HATE cannot be ignored lest we again get Hitler's Holocaust or Stalin's systematic starvation of Ukraine---

      Roxy--- we have adopted 6 wonderful kids from Eastern Europe over that last 8 years-- I can know with certainty that 3 of these kids would already be dead had we not gotten them. Is that what you wish?

      International adoption DOES suck- it is an imperfect,expensive,horrible reality brought about by societies that discard any life that is less than what they deem perfect.

      Thank God that there are people and governments that know these kids deserve better than to die alone in a mental institution-- usually just a couple of years after they age out of the children's home.

      THANK YOU to the facilitators, translators, and government officials that work so hard to save these kids.

      Roxy--- through your Satan jaded eyes, my new children may be ugly-- I'm sure much of the world would see any disabled person as such-- We who adopt try to be a light in the horrible darkness in which you live. We strive to protect these beautiful innocent souls--

      I think my kids and all God's children are beautiful!


      Ps on a more practical note--- I see that you usually troll and post in the evening Central Europe Time--- I suggest you lay off the sauce until after you complete your trolling for the day--- the typos, bad grammar and syntax really hurt your cause.

      We will pray for you

  2. I think they are beautiful children and worth every bit of the time, expense and effort required to rescue them from a terrible life. Not one penny of adoption expenses "purchase" a child.

    And as for Yuri Winkles, wow. I have to speak out about that one. To compare his situation to that of poor little Nicolai is ridiculous. He was loved by one family and now is loved by another. Nothing but a beautiful story of acceptance and sacrifice for a sweet boy who is thriving!

    Roxie, if you would like to have a constructive, fact-based conversation about special needs adoption and the need for it then please do so in a kind and loving manner. You are welcome to contact me personally via email if you would like to have this type of respectful give-and-take.