Friday, August 12, 2011


Our application came back today ---DENIED!

part our fault, part the feds

They said we did not include a check---duh they scanned it in -it was there--- in the right amount--- in the right color ink-- made out to the right people with our case number attached

but shame on us-- we missed one of the several signature pages--- Never done that before--- no excuse-- we screwed up.

We tried to call "Officer X" (We have heard the horror stories about her, but she was great with round one for us) but got her voice mail. No call back today-- so we decided to re submit anyway

50 bucks to get it back to Texas in one day--- worth every penny (and so much more) if we can get the boys home one day faster--- we MUST be more careful moving forward---Both boys (especially Derrik) cannot afford more mistakes.

Feeling kind of stupid===


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