Monday, March 12, 2012

A Castless Moose

Marty finally got his cast off today--- poor dude

his arm looks all gross after 6 weeks in there-- a bit swollen and VERY dry and peeling--- he still won't use it yet. Hopefully a few days to get some mobility and a week or so for some strength and he will be back and signing with 2 hands!

I feel kinda bad--- it was a nice day yesterday and we were all outside--- you would THINK we would have enough sense to put sunscreen on the babies who have never seen sun---NOPE!

the good news is that Marty just had a bit of red on his face today---Deyan just some new tan!

Here come some pics from Emily !


  1. What a great shot of Dido against the sky. You have to send that in to Adoptive Families Magazine or some place with a photo contest.

  2. Thanks... Em really did get a great shot!