Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The One Left Behind

Tonight little Deyan fed himself for the first time!!!

 He is so full of life!  I had to pause to thank little Jordan for the gift of Deyan.

Jordan lost his battle before we could unite him with his forever family.

But in doing so, he gave life to little Dido..

After Jordan died, one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made was if we would would move forward and adopt Marty alone or we would search for another child.

We decided the best way to honor our little angel was to seek out another little guy like Jordan.

We found Deyan..

He was tiny, sick and did not have hope without a family to come and get him NOW.

Well,  Mr Jordan,  "You done good"!

Deyan has blossomed. He now walks, talks and is the never ending bucket of smiles. He is the sweetest soul I have ever known.  

Jordan, I'm so sad you are not with us. Every night I give Deyan an extra hug just for you. Play free in heaven... Merry Christmas little man. Thank you for leading us to your brother

I will always love you


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  1. This is beautiful. A great example of how God works all things together for good. It may be easy to miss when a little boy dies, but Jordan got heaven and Deyan got a family, and you got Deyan. It's beautiful how you still love Jordan and miss him and remember him.