Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday Update

It has been a busy and wonderful few days--

Our wedding anniversary was Friday and we had a wonderful stay at the local Casino/Resort/Spa-- ahhhhhhh-- what a nice break! Back to reality--

All the papers are done----- Notarized? YES! Authenticated? YES.. after a 6 hour trip to Columbus  are they apostilled---YES!

As I write, the papers have just left Paris on their way to our EE Home!--- Soon please-- soon

Joey and I spent the evening looking at pictures from his adoption 4 years ago.. he was such a little dude and now he is a "mini-man"... Hard to believe the little guy who wanted to "tuta" around the orphanage grounds  and pick cherries with mama carrying him is the same kid that speaks non-stop and wishes to run the entire family---- (he is trying really hard to read cuz he wants to get his drivers license!)

Mary knows better of the travel timeline, but I'm really hoping that we can get to EE in late May for our first trip--

Pray for us!

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