Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Post

I have been holding off on this-- partly because I have been really busy and partly because I was not totally convinced that this was gonna happen.

Well-- USCIS Approval was today so it looks like we are ON!

Some background:

I am a radio guy geek-- I've been a DJ, Program Director, and VP of programming since I was a pup.

My wife and I first adopted from EE back in 2004-- again in 2007-- and one more time in 2009. Each adoption has been a wonderful experience and we are looking to complete our family with the adoption of Screech and Henry this year.

Please see the links for our previous adoption stories!

Pardon my grammar--- I write like a radio guy. Short, to the point and with really bad punctuation!

Please follow along with me here and with my wife on her site


More soon!

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