Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jacob/Henry Will Have a New Brother

Intellectually this should have such an easy decision. Another child desperately needs a family. Our paperwork was done, the fees paid, the room ready....this SHOULD have so easy to decide to bring home another child with Screech---- yet it was one of the hardest---maybe THE hardest-- decision I have ever made.

I still have such an empty space in my heart for Jacob/Henry. When I think of him I still cry. I miss him so much. How could I let another child sleep in his bed, share the love he never knew... Emotionally I'm still not sure I made the right decision. While driving to Columbus today to get the last paper apostilled, I was not sure I was going to be able to hand it to the FedEx guy.

Thanks for all of your prayers, for the great perspective. I know Derrik is not a "replacement" child. Jacob/Henry can never be replaced in my heart. Jacob/Henry, by his death has given this new little angel a chance at life-- the ultimate gift of love.

So my Jacob/Henry, please know that every time I hold your new brother, I will remember you. When I cuddle with him I will know that you are comforted in the arms of Jesus. I look forward to the day when I can introduce you to your little brother---A child that has life through your passing.  I love you-- YOUR PAPA

Hey Little man, here is your brother----

Welcome to our family Derrik! I can't wait to bring you and Screech home!

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  1. God bless your family real good!! I cannot wait to see pictures of the boys stateside.