Friday, May 6, 2011

Staying positive--or trying

Today was a day when I could have been out hunting sales leads. I could have been doing project work building my business. I could have spent time with the kids playing outside enjoying them and a wonderful day.


Over 7 hours today chasing down paperwork from an adoption in 2009 (bank statements, credit card statements are all archived --need 30 days to get them out of storage--plus $50 per record). We kept pretty good records, but have some BIG missing links--- The home-study receipt is missing---- we "mysteriously" never got a "paid in full" documention from our in-county facilitator (and we were so anxious to get the heck out of there we did not push it)--- So I spent the day taping receipts to sheets of paper for all of our in country expenses to make up the difference.--- Shame on me for sloppy book keeping---BUT---

Does the IRS know that international adoption is very expensive? Our "real money spent" is close to double the tax credit--- yet I lose a day where I could have been a meaningful contributer to our economy ---rather I toiled to feed some mindless bureaucratic machine.

I respect that they are trying to keep from getting scammed--- but the paperwork shows that it was a legit adoption. 5 minutes on the internet shows what a similar adoption costs.

If you are a regular reader you know that I am nearly always shamelessly positive--- We are blessed with the gift of life--- how can you not be positive? Spend a few days on your taxes and see how your outlook changes..

a happier me tomorrow--promise

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