Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank you for the outpouring of support

It has provided much comfort as we attempt to make sense of this senseless death--

I was shocked with how many others have been through the same. I especially appreciate your prayers and you have mine in return.--

Special thanks to Jan and Christie for this reply-- I go back and re-read it at least every hour for the strength it gives---

Jan Gibson Bullington (said) Christie,My heart bleeds for the Stolz's but what an honor it was to meet their son. Little Jacob accomplished so much in his life. He found his family and made them servants to spread the word that adoption is desperately needed. He introduced me to Reece's Rainbows and made me a better person of spreading the word of adoption of ALL children. Most of all he brought back great memories of kiddos that have already have gone to heaven before him. I will not say rest in peace to Jacob. I know a lot of little friends that have joined him in heaven and all I can say is "play joyfully" because heaven does not have labels, testing, and conditions of where you must live. Run, skip, jump, and shout as loud as you want Jacob because you are free and loved by so many in heaven and down here on earth.
Jacob, what an amazing little man you are and thank you for making me remember all the wonderful qualities of your new playmates.
We will all see you later when God determines when that will be.

It is strange to so badly miss this little man that I have never met -- but I do. I love you little Jacob/Henry.

Your forever papa

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