Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Tax Dollars at Work

We could not take all of our adoption credit for Jakie in 2009, so we had some carry forward in 2010---- Welcome to the Big Brother State--

Since our credit had already been approved last year, we assumed that all the harassment that folks who adopted in 2010 would pass us by---NOPE--- some "we have to earn our keep somehow" peon has flagged us for review--- I thought they might want documentation so I included it in our 2010 return (even though it is not required) so I provided it---- YET they want it again-- exactly the same documents I already submitted to some other mindless drone I must now take the time and expense to resubmit--

these worthless BUMS and the idiots that hire them and set policy need to all be fired-- The waste in this government is SHOCKING

I have never been an abolish the IRS guy--- but I'm becoming more of one every day-- this is silly

I feel better---sort of

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