Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Week Update

We had a bit of a scare (okay a really BIG scare) on Christmas Day--- Deyan was very lethargic and appeared to have a seizure of some sort--- very rigid and non responsive.

To the ER right away with concerns about refeeding syndrome.

Good news--- all the labs were fine so no worry about pushing too much food--- bad news: it does seem as though he had some sort of neurological event. He is totally fine now--- We will follow up with our doc and keep an eye out for any strangeness..

Aside from that---

Deyan and Martin are doing GREAT! We are pretty good at keeping them on schedule---they are really good about keeping US on schedule.

Food has been a bit interesting-- Deyan ALWAYS wants to eat whatever we give him. Martin is picky-- one day he only wants yogurt (spiked with pediasure and fiber ) Today, he would only eat some home made beef veggie soup with bread-- Both boys are growing--- each has put on a pound in a week!

Interesting that my lap has become ground central for turf wars between Martin, Deyan and Jake--- I am honored that everyone wants a turn with papa! Especially Jake and Martin who generally do not like to be held. They are pretty good about turns and I have been quite pleased that Jake has been trying extra hard to have "nice hands" with the babies.

Not much else to talk about---- we are spending a lot of time just getting to know each other-- Lazy days over the Christmas break--- great times!

OH! Some blood work came back today--we were "shocked" (not)  to see that both Martin and Deyan have Down Syndrome--- Deyan is quite anemic--- Martin is healthy as a moose.

More when I can--- until then some random pics from over Christmas--- pardon the fuzzies and oddities-- no time to edit and make pretty!

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