Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Wonderful Day Today!

ahhhhh we are settled in the room for the evening----

the scoop

Up at the Budapest (I never can sleep past 4am on a first night in Europe--- except today got up at 5----back to sleep til 8---crazy!)

One of the best breakfasts in Europe and off for the 6 hour car ride to Burgas.

We arrived in town a bit before 4pm. Into the Hotel Aqua and to the the market for some supplies. Then we were back to the lobby to eat fruit, drink fanta and surf the web-   We got a taxi to church for the Feast of The Immaculate Conception---Side note---Kudos to fellow Cincinnatian Secretary Sebelius  for taking the first step to outlaw the abortion pill that was a "right" under Obama Care on this sacred day---we take a win where we can get one.  Now please stop spending our money to kill ANY babies---

A kind lady gave us candy after mass as we were lighting a candle for our lost little baby Jordon- Hvala!

We were going to walk a bit after mass and spotted some Christmas lights.. hummmm--- ahhh a Christmas Market. I have photos-- but can't load them from here. It was very beautiful! We stopped at Happy Grill/Sushi for snacks and the WC and spent some more time at the market.

A quick cab ride back to the Aqua---we actually almost walked all the way--- and to our free "dinner".  On the menu tonight: chicken thighs in sauce, rice and hot dogs in beans.... Yummmm I'm glad we had snacks at Happy Sushi!

James and I swam for about 45 minutes (nice --but COLD indoor pool) while Marie got caught up on the computer--- back for a nightcap and back in the room for bed.

Tomorrow we meet the team for breakfast at 8 and head to get Deyan. We hope for a brief stop at the Black Sea and a photo at the Burgas sign-- then "home" to Sofia for the weekend!

I will try to post a quick photo from the Orphanage (they have wifi) but will update when we get back and settled in Sofia at the Budapest!



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