Monday, December 12, 2011

First Day with Both Boys

first--- gotcha pics from Martin today!


It was super to see Toni and Martin today as they whisked us form Sofia to Blagoevgrad to get little Martin. We arrived just after 9 and after some papers were signed they brought Martin down to me--- I was on my knees and he RAN right up to me--- Does he remember or am I just someone new to pick him up---either way,  I'll take it. Just as I suspected, Marting LOVED the car ride--- Carseat---sure-- as long as he gets to watch trucks, busses and cars zoom along. 

We met Marie, Didi and Toni's mom at the passport office and there is where we experienced the first of (I'm sure) MANY "Martin Moments"--- I am nearly deaf in my left ear but not only could I hear his screach--- most of the long dead in Bulgaria had to cover their ears--- WOW was he pissed off! (I do not use that term lightly) --- Maybe we should really call him Screech!!

I took him back to the car while the rest of the guys got Didi's pic done.

upon our return the boys get to officially meet!

We romped, sang, played and danced in the room then I headed out to the Kauffland for :little dude" supplies--- A bit of cab drama (as in, I could not find one--- thanks for helping Toni) and back to the hotel with chicken breasts stuffed with a variety of things (pickles, cheese, ham, dill...) and baby food--

Frolic Time

Bath Time! and lots of food--- Martin does not want to eat---Deyan wants to eat for 2 (after not being hungry yesterday and this AM)

Then things got ugly

Martin missed his nap---does not like our food and I probably picked the wrong time to work on airplane skills--- at about 5:30-- he totally lost it--- screaming, beating the snot out of himself (but a welcome change no aggression to me)

so he raged---and raged  and raged--- Thanks to great advice form home, at about 7 I got the lights out and held him a big chair in the corner of the room--- Sang to him in Bulgarian "Dobre Martin, Dobre Martin Lecka Nosht Lecka Nosht"------ screams (but no more hitting) and a "short:" 2 and a half hours later he was calm and drifting---drifting-- drifting--- BAM--asleep

Through all of it Deyan continued to be his sweet little self---what an amazing calm and gentle soul! He actually fell asleep during Martin's fit---

They tell us that Martin wakes at 4am---just after 10 here now so it is bed time--

I will try to post a couple times a day this week--- but it will depend on the cooperation on Mr Martin!



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