Saturday, December 31, 2011


We celebrated New Year on Bulgaria Time---- so everyone is now off to bed (I'm following shortly!)

Thanks for the happy thoughts and prayers--- I had my first full night of sleep in 4 weeks last night (thanks Jacob!!)

It was another good day today--- Martin got to take a couple of car rides (he was a bit disappointed that there was not more traffic on the road---especially big trucks (his fave)). Deyan got a haircut----nothing too drastic, but be no longer looks like the Biebster or a Beatle.

Shaslik for dinner--- (in honor of our Eastern European New Year) Wheel and Jeopardy and BED!

Here are some pics that Emily has snapped over the past few days--- We will take more tomorrow and get them uploaded asap!

Happy New Year and thanks for reading!


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