Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Stand by for a few pics from Sunday...

I promise to get more up as soon as I can.

Both boys have been GREAT since being home. Martin is a bit plugged up on the hind side and a wee bit grumpy but pretty good. Deyan just sits, smiles, and snuggles--awwww

The "home boys" have really taken to Deyan and Martin, especially Joey who has claimed Martin for himself (they are inseparable). Even Matt has really enjoyed the newbies. I'm thrilled with how well it has gone so far.

We are still working on settling into a routine. Everyone (me included) has been to bed before 8 each  night. The new guys woke up in the middle of the night one night, but other than that have been sleeping really well. No bedtime fits for Martin. Mary lays down with him and he is out in less than 5 minutes--- no SIB (YAY!!)

Actually, Martin's face is almost completely healed. He will try to bop himself from time to time, but without much resolve and he is easily redirected.

We are trying to do little or no TV--- not easy with Jake--- just quiet family time with all of us together---

The only exception for family time is doctor time---- My insurance changes to an HSA Jan 1 and we are trying to get all the initial screening stuff done before then--- So far, both boys seem to be healthy.-- Mary has them at GI and Cardiology right now (hence I have time to post)-- More medical updates as we get them.

I have had a lot of folks ask "So how was that flight?"

Actually, the boys did better than the airline workers!

Check-in was easy despite the really snotty lady at the counter for Bulgarian Air. They whisked us to the front of the security and immigration lines-- Immigration did not even ask for the adoption papaerwork.

We had time to feed them before getting on our flight to Rome--

Ahhh the flight to Rome--- Marie had Deyan---- I had Martin--- Deyan was GREAT! Martin? NOPE--
He was scared, angry about his seat-belt and confused by what was happening. He YELLED--- SCREAMED-- BLOODY MURDER for about an hour. Poor guy. My comforting phrases in Bulgarian just made him even madder.  (sorry seatmates). About halfway into the flight he calmed down.

We landed in Rome 45minutes late and headed to our next flight--- Going through security and again pulled to the front of the line-- they ask for my boarding documents for the next flight--- I do not have them. In Sofia they said I would have to get them in Rome--- In Rome, they said I have to get them in Sofia--- GUESS WHAT?!?!? I'm already in ROME! Finally after pleading for a couple of minutes they decide to let us go--- (FYI if you connect in ROME-- make sure you get your boarding pass before you arrive at the transfer security.---ALSO Rome is a SUPER easy connection--- Despite our problems, this is a MUCH better place to connect that Paris or Amsterdam--- you can get from plane to plane in 15 minutes---easy-- one escalator, one short tram ride and you are at the G gates (where all US bound flights depart)

The delay from Sofia meant that our Atlanta flight left with out us---thanks to really nice Delta folks we got on an Alitalia flight to Newark.

Martin and Deyan were both AWESOME on the long flight. Martin watched "Toy Story" 4 times and sat still loving every second of the flight!

But bad news--that flight was also late (2 hours late) and again no boarding docs because of the flight change---worse yet, we are on a paper ticket--- still worse--- They did not complete the paper ticket properly in Rome.. We met up with a "friendly" Delta agent in Newark---- actually the Delta desk people in Newark were the rudest, meanest, most uncaring people I have ever encountered in any customer service capacity--EVER -- there are a lot of great people looking for work---- really Delta-- FIRE these miserable people or we will fire you.

After dealing with over 40 minutes of "customer no service", we finally convinced them to fix our ticket--- The lady was going to refuse to ticket us because of the error that Delta made in Rome-- she said we would have to go back there and get it fixed---WHAT?!?!?

To the gate--- another delay-- the boys are getting grumpy now (20 hours into their day)- We finally board. Marie and Deyan--- James, Martin and me--- both little guys sleep the entire flight (yay)--- VERY tight connection in Atlanta--- Marie, James and Deyan run ahead--- my airport running days are over----Martin and I do what we can. ahhh Made it--- last people on the plane-- Martin is just about asleep when we hit some nasty bad air--- he is scared and starts into his "Martin fit" again--- after 5 minutes or so he calms.

Thanks to the SUPER nice flight attendant--- the blanket, bottle of water and kind words really meant a lot after the day we have had!

11:15pm and Touchdown! We are the last people out of the airport. Mary is waiting (the rest of the kids were bummed, but too late for them) It is so good to see her---- both boys seem to remember Mama---- Lots of hugs and finally we are a family!!!

Again--- More pics are on the way and I will post updates over the next couple of weeks

Thanks for following this amazing journey!


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  1. thanks for your update. praying for you during this time of transition.