Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Almost a Week!

We continue to settle in with the boys-- They have both been great!

Jake continues his struggles with a lot of pain and SIB, but both new fellas are pretty much settled in!

It is interesting to see more of "the real them" as they get more comfortable with us..

We did have a bit of drama this evening as 15 carolers appeared at the door as we a each had a kid in a different stage of sleep---- I am ashamed to admit that for a fleeting moment I thought--- how terrible these people were to come here while we try to settle the boys----whoa Scrooge- settle down- Only one other time in my life had actual carolers come to the  door--- Thank you kind neighbors! Your song was sweet!  Merry Christmas!!!

Deyan (Heavy D) continues to rule the "sweet and cuddly" world (though he does think it is great fun to bite unsuspecting adults to get a reaction from them). Deyan is now officially a climber. He prefers to be up on the chair or couch--- though he is not yet adept in getting himself down. He is eating from a large syringe and his intake is great and with less air than spoon feeding, his tummy is smaller. He loves to play the clapping game and he loves to give random and unsolicited kissed (on the lips) and hugs.

Martin (Marty Moose) is a shy, timid, and very scared little boy--- he loves to be carried and to play caboose. He loves tickles and for you to babel back to him. He is quick to laugh, but also very hand-shy-- He loves to watch anyone work --- He loves to fold laundry and help to pick up toys. He travels the room picking things up and placing them atop window sills and counters so they are not on the floor. His food intake has really slowed. We have tried to make his food similar to the orphanage, but he is unconvinced. He still loves "Puddis"== Pudding in a container and sometime Frutties (yogurt) . His favorite food today was a couple of hard rolls made mushy in milk...

Thus far we could not have asked for nor expected such an easy transition... Huge thanks to Emily and Marie and to the little guys (James, Joey and Matt)..

Each day we learn. Each day we get more comfortable with one another. Each day we try to shower all the kids with love.


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