Saturday, December 10, 2011

Evening Update Just Me and Deyan!

sorry for the ramble--- this post was written over the past hour working on getting the little one to bed!

Deyan's normal bedtime is 8, but he started asking to go to bed at 6---- it is now almost 7 and he is still having trouble getting to sleep. He is exhausted--- all the excitement and no nap for the second day in a row--

I game him a melatonin and a jar of peaches--- we'll see... I'd rather he stay up for awhile, but I fear the 'point of no return" where tired turns to manic.

His current state is dancing "the robot" in his pak n play!

Thanks to Indian TV stream SAMMI for streaming ESPN2-- for some reason my local radio station (an all talk station) does not premit you to listen to their stream outside the US---- Music stations? I understand the rights issues--- but spoken word? Way to think globally--NOT!

While Marie sat with Deyan trying to get him to nap, James and I went exploring the neighborhood looking for shaving supplies and Doeners for lunch -- not as good as Germany but pretty darn close. We found a tiny shop where the Turkish owner makes his own bread and turns his spit by hand--

It is so quiet here--- I HATE IT QUIET-- you would think it would be a blessing to have some nice downtime-- but all I want to do is scoop up Deyan and play with him--- he NEEDS to sleep-- we can play tomorrow.

Marie and James went to La Boheme at the Bulgarian Opera tonight. Marie was excited--- James--- not so much- Tickets up front are about 10 USD-- try that back home! They will grab diner at the second happiest place on earth "Happy Grill"

Tomorrow plans:

Church--- 11 in English at the Catholic Chapel or 12 in Latin at the main Cathedral

We wanted to go to the Zoo (mixed reviews, but the latest info is that the updates required to come up to EU standards have really made a difference--- We will see--- today was supposed to be nice, but it was cold and misty most of the day--- If the weather is nice we might give it a try.

There is also a Christmas Market next to the Catholic Chapel--- maybe!

Side notes for other families staying at the BudaPest-- 

Do NOT plan on laundry here--- The cheapest thing to wash is 4 leva  for socks and undies-- I did not spend 4 leva to BUY my underwear--- I will  rinse in the sink or Bulgaria will deal with a little stink-- either is fine by me--- it would have been close to 100 USD to wash all our stuff (pants and shirts are over 10 USD each)

also-- the hotel restaurant prices seem to have gone way up from 6 months ago-- a salad and an entree will cost you over 20 Leva--- The Billa at the train station has cheap prepared foods you can get a roasted chicken, sides and a salad-- you could feed 2 for a few days on what one meal costs here at the "Pest"-- OR for 3 leva you can get a doener as big as your head at a great little shop half a block on the way to the boulevard. Enjoy the owner-- he is a HOOT! ---1 doener is plenty for 2 to share!-- there is also a pastry shop next to the doener place-- good traditional Bulgarian meat and cheese filled goodness!

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